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Description of Work

The Life Science (LS) HUC originates from the use of grid technology in the medical, biomedical and bioinformatics sectors in order to connect worldwide laboratories, share resources and ease the access to data in a secure and confidential way through the health-grids. A non-extensive list of the services supported and / or developed by this HUC is given below:

  • Grid database management service: The GRelC service (see Section 6.3) will be exploited to implement some LS specific use cases. In the coming weeks a questionnaire will be sent to the SA3 mailing list to get feedback about available data sources that need a grid-database access interface (porting in grid of existing/legacy databases).
  • Metadata catalogues: AMGA
  • Workflow engines: MOTEUR2 (see Section 5.5) and Taverna (
  • File encryption service: Hydra [R 5]
  • Monitoring: Dashboard and Hudson infrastructure monitoring [R 5]

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