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Description of Work

Originally, Astronomy and Astrophysics (A&A) institutes usually acquired the necessary resources on local computing facilities and quite often also contracted the access to a pool of resources at supercomputing centres. However, some A&A applications grew in complexity and were considered very suitable to be run on grid infrastructures. At the moment the A&A HUC is devoted to the evaluation of different solutions for the gridification of a rich variety of applications. In particular the work is focused on:

  • Visualization tools: VisIVO ( for the visualization of data collected by different A&A projects
  • Databases and catalogues: Currently the HUC is evaluating the possibility of adopting and tailoring different tools already in production (e.g. AMGA, GRelC, etc.).
  • Parametric applications: Use DIANE (see Section 6.2) to study parametric space applications.

Additionally, one of the main goals is the accomplishment of a good level of interactivity among different technologies related to supercomputing, i.e. High Performance Computing and High Throughput Computing, Grid and Cloud.

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