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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra1 2013-04-23

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EGI Inspire Main page

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1. Progress on Milestones Deliverables

MS710 - Operational Tools Roadmap

Final version available at:

D7.3 - Annual Report on Operational Tool maintenance and development activity

External review completed. Being revised.

2. Critical Issues

Nothing new to report.

3. Major work done during the past week by task

3.1 TJRA1.1

  • D7.3 External Review
  • Mini-projects setup: VAPOR and GOCDB

3.2 TJRA1.2 TJRA1.3 TJRA1.5

3.2.1 SAM

Next SAM update ongoing

3.2.2 GOCDB

  • Introducing G.Ryall (mini-project developer) to the code and spending time on code review with him.
  • v5 developments
  • Some tickets to resolve

3.2.3 GGUS

  • Ticket monitoring
  • Created wiki pages describing work flows for tickets waiting for submitter's or PT's input
  • Phone conference with Savannah and JIRA admins on migration of GGUS shopping list from Savannah to JIRA
  • Prepared GGUS release; installed release on test instance
  • Weekly shopping list phone meeting
  • Internal wrap-up of EGI CF

3.2.4 Ops Portal

  • Internal review of the JRA1 tasks
  • Review of the dashboard prototype

3.2.5 Accounting Portal

  • Continuing refactor of the code
  • Changes for new accounting.
  • UserDN SAM probe monitoring and discussion.

3.2.6 Metrics Portal

  • Work for QR12

3.3 TJRA1.4 (Accounting for new resource types)

Accounting Repo

  • Testing ongoing with new APEL client test site.

INFN Accounting

  • Storage accounting work - BDII sensor

Accounting Portal

  • Cloud accounting fixes

4. Next Meetings

  • Next JRA1 meeting: 13 May 2013