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Fedcloud-tf:Zero Surface Teaching

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Roadmap & Innovation: Roadmap Zero surface for
teaching classes



Infrastructure as a Service model

  • Use federated EGI compute and storage resources
  • No port restrictions on incoming/outgoing network traffic
  • Public IP adresses available

Class preparation

  • In the preparation phase, VM images intended to be deployed in Cloud infrastructure are tested for suitability
    • Network configuration
    • Disabled swap
    • image size
    • etc.

Lightweight access control

  • Weak user authentication based on Name, Email address
  • Credentials valid for up to two consecutive weeks
  • No strong identity verification
  • Temporary access to compute resources
  • Temporary storage
  • Temporary storage for uploading and distributing VM images

Integrated VM management interface

  • Upload your VMs once, instantiate and access them anywhere (restrictions apply)
  • Start/stop VMs from command line


User identity and access provisioning

  • Provide a list of tutors and a list of students with name and Email addresses.
  • Each tutor and student will:
    • Receive a short-lived access credential (certificates)
    • a pair of SSH keys

Pre-configured VM images for classroom infrastructure

  • Pre-packaged VMs may be ordered for local class-room infrastructure equipped with VirtualBox
    • Individualised for each student and tutor with ssh keys and certificate
    • Includes necessary command-line tools for cloud access and authorisation
    • Based on Debian GNU Linux with a basic GNOME desktop
    • Delivered on a USB stick that students may keep

VM preparation support

  • Tutors may order support for preparing VM images
    • Experts help in provisioning base images according to tutor needs
    • Deploy "well-known" applications or platforms (e.g. LAMP)

Persistent VM Images

  • Upon request, EGI may provision persistent VM instances. That is the state of a VM instance will be preserved while shutdown (e.g. database contents!)

Resource consumption overview

  • After the teaching class is over, tutors may order an overview of the resources that were consumed during the class.