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DRAFT (to be confirmed in team discussion)

ID description asigned effort estimate effort delivery date status
T1.0 Populate Marketplace
T1.1 Get list of resource providers in GOCDB and make this list private to EGI members. STFC open
T1.2 Get list of applications in Appdb. IASA open
T1.3 List of all EGI services. INFN open
T1.4 Get list of pay4use people make them public INFN open
T1.5 Integration to e-GRANT CYFRONET open
T1.6 Map EGI environment to new architecture. INFN/SwiNG open
T1.7 Fix EGI web site INFN open
T2.0 Populate directory and federation
T2.1 Map VOS into “communities”. Map current EGI user info into new model. INFN open
T2.2 Strategy on AAI login for the marketplace  TBD open
T2.3 Connect to Edugain.  IASA open
T2.4 Get list of all organizations affiliated with EGI (e.g. for special offerings). INFN open
T2.5 Roadmap to merge LTOS, user portal, AAI pilot, marketplace, etc. together SwiNG, INFN, Cyfronet, GRNET open
T3.0 Features to add
T3.1 Add SLA indicator SwiNG open
T3.2 Add redirection to e-grant (or other portals). SwiNG open
T3.3 Improve external and public information for all resource providers. SwiNG open
T4.0 Policy
T4.1 Update business engagement strategy open
T4.2 Define partnership levels with commercial providers. open
T4.3 Define offerings from commercial providers (either directly or via EGI with broker.) open
T4.4 Merge Pay4use into Marketplace GRNET open