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QR6 NGI_UK STFC Claire Devereux



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
19/9/11 Lyon EGI CSIRT Face to Face CSIRT Team
22/9/11 Lyon Security Training - see EGI TF Indico pages


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
20/9/11 Lyon OTAG 2
19/9/11 Lyon OMB 2
20/9/11 Lyon Globus Integration Workshop 2 -
20/9/11 Lyon Unicore Integration Workshop 1 -
17-19/10/11 Padova, Italy EMI All Hands Meeting 2
14/9/11 CERN WLCG GDB 1 -
12/10/11 CERN WLCG GDB 2 -
15-16/9/11 CERN GridPP 27 Conference 6
19-22/9/11 Lyon EGI Technical Forum 14
fortnightly CERN HEPIX IPv6 1 -
26-27/9/11 SARA LHC ONE 1
28/8/11 Edinburgh Turing Festival 1


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2.1. Progress Summary

During the past quarter we have been completing the process of creating the NGI_UK. This has just been fininshed and the creation NGI_UK broadcast has been sent.

2.2. Main Achievements

IPv6 Test Cluster deployment at Glasgow for distributed test bed, underway. LHCONE investigation for the UK @ Glasgow EMI DPM at Durham installed and functional Installed CVMFS and debugged few outstanding problems @ Manchester and an upgrade

UKI ROC -> NGI transition, Glasgow running the preliminary testbed and then full migration. Examining job failure profile with an intent to reduce operational manpower requirements in the long term

A number of deployment problems with EGI services and more general infrastructure such as network problems have been debugged in Manchester. The sets of procedures from the debugging and commands used have been described for the benefit of other sites in the northgrid blog

The CVMFS/upgrade work at Manchester is described in 2 blogs and wiki page

Manchester has started an active collaboration with the DPM developers to test some solutions much in advance to help them get through the process more quickly. it is thought that the help of an experienced system administrator will increase the chances of getting things in the releases.

Manchester is also part of the stage rollout process for the site-BDII and top-BDII. This task is just starting.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Heavy deployment problems with the DPM head node reliability Started a collaboration with developers directly
Durham staffing problem + technical problems helped get site back online remotely
RAL T1 publishing incorrect resource metrics revised publishing in testing, should be fixed shortly