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EGI-InSPIRE:Tools, services and resources for users

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EGI Inspire Main page

Basic tools

Email lists

There are three types of email lists in EGI:

1. Google lists: end with "" and are managed by Rob van der Meer and Steven Newhouse

2. Mailman email lists: end with "": Managed by work package leaders, deputies, task leaders, etc.

3. Request Tracker list: end with "":

EGI User Support related email lists:

1. members: UCST (Steve Brewer, Gergely Sipos, Karolis Eigelis, Nuno Ferreira, Richard McLennan) Anybody can post to the list (also non-members!) Used as a main contact for EGI User and Community Support and for internal coordination within the User Community Support Team.

2. members: UCST + several other people Only members can post to the list (non-members will wait for approval of they posted message) Do not use it for communication! This list is not used at the moment, please use instead

3. Only a few people can post to this list. Everybody who works in the EGI-InSPIRE project is subscribed.

4. Only a few people (the dissemination team) can post to this list. This is the broadest list that exists for the EGI community. It is used to inform the community about events, results that are to everybody's interest.

5. leaders and subtask leaders in InSPIRE NA3 Only members can post to the list members: UCST + Steve + providers of TNA3.4 tools and managers of those NGIs

6. Only members can post to the list members: Poeple being involved in InSPIRE NA3 (based on PPT data)

7. Only members can post to the list Used by the User Services Advisory Group (USAG). See USAG and MS305 for details on USAG

8. Only members can post to the list Used by the recently established Training Working Group. See Training_Working_Group for details

The Requirements Tracker list:

1. All EGI SSO users can post to that list to create the tickets in the system for Requirements queue. Used by NA3 and many others.

Visit this link to check the list of subscribed persons on each of the email lists and to access the list archives and subscription pages:

Web pages

The User Community Support Team is able to provide a focal point for establishing and hosting Web pages for collaborative communities who may have no other or obvious site through which to promote and coordinate their work. Such sites will be linked from this section.


Tools, services, resources that are developed within EGI-InSPIRE

TNA3.4 tools

Applications database

Training Events

Training materials

Trainers database

Other: VO & Operations Portal

Operations Portal[Old]

Central Operations Portal[NEW]

[Regional Operations Portals]

External tools and resources

Documents on User support

Tutorials, use cases, etc

Different approaches to access input files in a job: "Sandbox" method, "Parachute" method, "Shared Area":


Mon Tools website