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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
05/04/2011 3rd OLA Task Force meeting Recent RC OLA updates, and RIP OLA content
02/02/2011 Op. Doc.:Site certification
07/02/2011 Op. Doc.:Best Practices Progress on wiki structure for BPs
17/02/2011 Op. Doc.:Training Guides Dashboard HowTo update
25/02/2011 Op. Doc.:Training Guides Nearly final draft of Dashboard HowTo
08/03/2011 Op. Doc.:Best Practices
11/04/2011 User Forum: Documentation, Face to Face. Security concerns discovered. Workshop planned for Zurich
11/04/2011 User Forum: ROD teams training session
28/04/2011 Op. Doc.:Best Practices

2. Main Achievements

Based on the discussions about automating the generation of tickets with availability reports that may require corrections, ticket #1084[1] was created to JRA1.

An updated OLA document adapting the Operations Architecture terminology has been circulated to the OMB and reviewed by NGIs, the review is available at ticket #1526 [2].

Impact of increasing the suspension threshold from 50% Availability for 3 consecutive months to 70% has been evaluated and presented in the OMB at the User forum in Vilnius [3]. The impact has been found to be minimal.

The EGI Catch All CA is service 5 countries which do not have a national accredited Certification Authority. These countries are Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Senegal. The EGI Catch All CA is in the process of setting up Registration Authorities for Egypt and for SixSq in Switzerland. 

Documentation Task:

A lot of progress has been made with the restructuring of the WIKI pages. The Operations Portal Dashboard HowTo was completed, as was the Basic ROD Training Guide. (Both are available form the document server -

The Best Practices is shaping up well, and much work has gone into the GOCWIKI transfer. There still remains a large amount of work to be done on the actual Operations Manuals, and a workshop dedicated to these has been organised for June 2011.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
NGIs expressed concerns about the new terminology used in OLA documents Explanations are provided that the terminology comes from Operations Architecture document and not the OLA itself
French NGI reinstated the long standing issue about retrospective availability calculations in the reports for non certified sites This issue has been reported numerous time to tools developers, but it will have to wait for the production launch of ACE to be looked into

4. Plans for the next period

Continue work on the EGI-NGI and Core Services OLA.

Start enforcing of increased Availability/Reliability thresholds from May 2011 (PY2) onwards.

Complete the set up of the Registration Authorities for Egypt and SixSq

Investigate whether the provision of a TOP-BDII and WMS for the certification process of uncertified sites is a service needed by the NGI and deploy the services if so.

Documentation Task:

Finalise the Operations Manuals.

Finalise the GOCWIKI transfer processes. This will most likely still go into the following quarter though.

Ensure the Best Practices work flow is efficient and that people understand how to make use of it.

Continue with WIKI structure work.

5. Number of sites suspended

Month Suspended sites
January 2011 2
February 2011 0
March 2011 0