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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
10/05/2012 COOCOD
16/05/2012 COOCOD
05/07/2012 COD
01/06/2012 VCONF ipv6 testing activities Plans for testing og gLite and ARC

06/06/2012 VCONF HINTS-pS-MDM possible integration A first general discussion on possible integration between the deployment modules of HINTS and PerfSONAR MDM took place. Decision taken to organize further meeting to deepen technical details

14-15/06/2012 HEPIX ipv6 Decision to integrate IPv6 testbeds servers and resources of HEPiX, EGI and EMI and to support 3 VOs
22/06/2012 Merged TPM and DMSU kickoff

2. Main Achievements

Grid Oversight

ROD teams newsletter

This quarter we have published a ROD teams newsletter in July. The rationale behind the newsletter is descibed in the SA1.7-QR4 report.

ROD performance index

For background information on this, have a look at SA1.7-QR6, section RP OLA and ROD metrics. Since October 2011 we have been asking all NGIs above 10 items in the COD dashboard duting one month about the explanation through GGUS, what was the reason of such result and how do you plan to improve the situation. Currently we are continuing to collect and investigate these metrics and also to correlate this with other metrics and see if we can draw some conclusions from them.

Availability followup

See SA1.7-QR6 for more background information. A probe measuring the availability and reliability of a site has been supplied to the ops portal developers. The algorithm of this probe is going to be incorporated into the ops portal so that the ROD teams see what the status of the sites in their region is in terms of availability and reliability. This gives RODs the oportunity to contact and help sites with low availability and reliability in order to prevent A/R GGUS tickets and site suspension.

Apart from this we have continued the followup of this in the traditional way by means of GGUS tickets in Q9.

Unknown Followup

See SA1.7-QR6 and SA1.7-QR6 for more background information. In Q9 we have continued this activity.

Followup NGI Core Services availability

We have issued GGUS tickets to NGIs that do not meet the 99% availability requirement. In februari 2012 we have started up this activity. At first we have only submitted GGUS tickets to NGIs informing the of their low top-level BDII availability.

NGI Certification

Completed the NGI certification of Moldova and Ukrain.


We have prepared a presentation for the OMB on site testing etc. This will be given during the August OMB meeting.

Training Session at EGI TF12

We are organizing a training session at the EGI TF12 for ROD teams in Prague.

Work Instructions

We have added work instructions for unresponsive NGIs and Core services avialiability followup.

Network Support


In the period May-July 2012 GARR has been organizing a VCONF on IPv6 testng activities. ARNES, GARR and FZU joined it. A draft plan to test ARC and gLite components has been produced. It has been agreed to report on results at the forthcoming EGI TF in Prague, September. HEPiX IPv6 testing activities have been closely followed, and at a F2F meeting at CERN on June 14-15 it has been agreed to merge testbed resources between HEPiX, EMI and EGI. Testers have been identified for UNICORE components using IPv6, at KIT.

Coordination with the HEPiX IPv6 testing team and EMI resulted in the decision to jointly support 3 VOs:, and IPv6 testing will go ahead during the summer months of July and August.

Multi Domain Monitoring and Troubleshooting

The idea of merging the deployment modules of HINTS probes and PerfSONAR MDM Measurement Points has been investigated. A first meeting has been organized about this between GARR, FranceGrille /CNRS, DANTE and DFN/GN3 PerfSONAR. This would support the further deployment and spread adoption of both tools.

All intervening persons to the pS-MDM/HINTS meeting agreed to organize a technical meeting to further investigate technical details of the proposed integrated deployment scenario. This will be held at the beginning of September.


In April, May and June the following support units which affect the daily work of TPM have been integrated in GGUS (EGI helpdesk)

*New support unit "EMI Common Data Library"
*New support unit "EMI Common"
*Decommission of SU "R-GMA", moved to former support units
*New support unit "LHC Experiment Dashboard"
*New Support Unit "REBUS"
*New EMI support unit for WNodes
*New VO 
*New VO

Last Jun 22nd we had the following meeting in which we discussed the modifications to the support structure. Presumably the changements will be approved and implemented in the next months. During this meeting the merger of the TPM and DMSU was discussed.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Issue description Issue mitigation

4. Plans for the next period

Grid Oversight

The plans for the next period is to proceed with the current activities and proceed with the preparations of the EGI TF12 session.