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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
No formal meetings this quarter

2. Main Achievements


Ran the production repository with no internal problems this quarter. There were a few very small network breaks which prevented the service receiving new data. This data would all have been received the next time the affected clients tried to publish.

CERN and OSG moved their production accounting to the new SSM infrastructure. For CERN’s job records summaries are made which are then merged with the summaries from the old system for transfer to the CESGA Portal. OSG send summaries and these too are merged. The test repository continues to run all the time to receive tests from other sites developing their software against SSM the new STOMP and Python-based messaging layer which runs on the production EGI Messaging Infrastructure. All of the other existing and new accounting services have done some testing using SSM, now including SGAS and GridSafe. Tests also received from CC-IN2P3, and ARC-JURA. Planning with Grid-Safe and MAPPER. EDGI should start next quarter.

Participated in Inter-NGI Report Virtual Team. MPI Virtual Team, and the Federated Cloud Task Force. For this latter we continue to run a test cloud accounting database. This quarter we have five Resource Providers who have successfully sent in cloud accounting records, this is from OpenNebula and Openstack cloud middleware, previously we had only OpenNebula accounting records. (Client cloud accounting scripts have been provided by CESGA for OpenNebula and IN2P3 for Openstack.)


As main ahievements on PQ9 for the accounting portal, there was miscellaneous query improvement and index optimization, better HTML output, testing with several browsers, tweaks on the graph engine, and other minor changes.

There was also preliminary work prior to the implementation of new interNGI usage features.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
There was a bigger problem with a change to the EGI broker network after which APEL could not discover any brokers in the BDII. We put a manual fix in place the same day but it took some time more before the resource discovery worked.  We still do not understand why this happened or how to mitigate future occurrences. We are working with them both and hope to achieve this in the coming quarter.

4. Plans for the next period

Migrate the SGAS and DGAS feeds to SSM then flip the database to the new schema and pipe the existing client feeds into that. Implement summary feeds for external services, with CESGA as the main one. The production infrastructure will now be ready to receive data from the EMI3 client. There will be an accounting workshop in the Technical Forum. The next version of the portal will be released and the portal will work on accepting data by messaging.