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EGI-InSPIRE:MS108 accounting portal

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Notes to contributors

Assessment: (Provide an assessment of the delivery of services over the past year from a managerial perspective; highlight positive areas and areas for improvement; do not include future plans; text should be roughly 1-2 paragraphs)

Score: (assign a numerical score from 1 to 5 with a succinct explanation of what needs to be improved to increase your score – remove numerical description references upon completion) 1 = An unacceptable level of service was delivered

2 = A level of service that was below expectations was delivered

3 = An acceptable service level has been delivered

4 = A level of service that exceeded expectations was delivered, but there is scope for even further improvement

5 = An excellent service has been delivered that should be considered as best practice

Table 4: EGI Global task assessment:Central accounting portal
# Name Assessment Score How to Improve
# Central accounting portal EGI accounting portal is available at: Last year most of the portal code was rewritten to include new views. This change has allowed inclusion of the Custom View and the possibility to identify foreign and local users by country.It was created a internal subversion branch to store the portal changes, useful if it's needed the portal regionalization and store a history of code changes.

Due to a delay hiring new members at CESGA, portal development was delayed the last year. This issue was solved hiring new members in January and February, now this problem was mitigated, portals development is funded and assigned to a CESGA member in full-time.

3 New features are required by users and VOs. Accounting Portal team must release a new roadmap to include the future features for the project. The Accounting Portal should provide a data endpoint (based on XML or JSON) to provide accounting data using custom queries for the user community, this feature is also provided by GGUS or GSTAT portals. Another point to improve next project years is the possibility to include accounting for parallel jobs, this new feature must be discussed with APEL development team.