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Notes to contributors

Assessment: (Provide an assessment of the delivery of services over the past year from a managerial perspective; highlight positive areas and areas for improvement; do not include future plans; text should be roughly 1-2 paragraphs)

Score: (assign a numerical score from 1 to 5 with a succinct explanation of what needs to be improved to increase your score – remove numerical description references upon completion) 1 = An unacceptable level of service was delivered

2 = A level of service that was below expectations was delivered

3 = An acceptable service level has been delivered

4 = A level of service that exceeded expectations was delivered, but there is scope for even further improvement

5 = An excellent service has been delivered that should be considered as best practice

Table 4: EGI Global task assessment:Helpdesk system
# Name Assessment Score How to Improve
# Helpdesk system Over the course of the first year of the EGI-InSPIRE project the distributed helpdesk infrastructure has been gradually adapted to the workflows needed in the new EGI/NGI environment. The central integration platform GGUS has been operational form the beginning of the project. The NGIs have gradually been integrated as support units in GGUS, whenever an NGI was ready. So far approximately 3/4 of the NGIs are present in GGUS. The majority of those NGIs make direct use of GGUS as their ticket system, some have their own national ticket ticket or are using the xGUS helpdesk template.

The major development efforts in GGUS during the first year of the project were related to the new workflows needed in the area of technology support. For all technology related workflows a seperate technology helpdesk has been implemented that so far covers the a workflow for "bugs found in production", involving the DMSU and the technology providers, and a prototype for the technology release workflow, involving EGI-SA2 and the technology providers.

4 The number of proper national helpdesks or xGUS instances needs to be increased to ensure a high quality support in the NGIs. To facilitate this a workshop at the 2011 TF in Lyon is being thought of.

The usage of the helpdesk infrastructure in the area of user community and application support should be increased. Use cases for "helpdesk type" support need to be described and promoted.