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EGI-InSPIRE:MS108 Availability

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Notes to contributors

Assessment: (Provide an assessment of the delivery of services over the past year from a managerial perspective; highlight positive areas and areas for improvement; do not include future plans; text should be roughly 1-2 paragraphs)

Score: (assign a numerical score from 1 to 5 with a succinct explanation of what needs to be improved to increase your score – remove numerical description references upon completion) 1 = An unacceptable level of service was delivered

2 = A level of service that was below expectations was delivered

3 = An acceptable service level has been delivered

4 = A level of service that exceeded expectations was delivered, but there is scope for even further improvement

5 = An excellent service has been delivered that should be considered as best practice

Table 4: EGI Global task assessment:Availability/Reliability statistics
# Name Assessment Score How to Improve
# Availability/Reliability statistics The reports are generated by BRAC, which are involved in WLCG but do not have any effort in EGI. So far BRAC has been responsive to any support requests, but on best effort basis.

Transition to opening GGUS tickets for low site scores has lead to better follow up, also increased awareness via the availability wiki about issues in the tools that may affect the accuracy of the results.

4 The procedure currently involves many manual steps. A Operations Tools evolve we continuously provide feedback that will automate tasks as low availability ticket creation and collection of results disputed by Resource Centers.