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QR5 IGI INFN L. Gaido, P. Veronesi



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
May 16-20, 2011 Biodola, Elba island, Italy Workshop CCR INFN GRID 2011 INFN (L. Gaido, P. Veronesi, D. Cesini, R. Alfieri) Coordination workshop with all INFN resource centers e and communities (URL: [1])
July 8 and 23 , 2011 Bologna, Italy IGI Portal INFN (L. Gaido, P. Veronesi, M. Bencivenni) Workshop on portals and scientific gateways (URL: [2] and [3]) to coordinate efforts in the Italian Region


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
June 6-7, 2011 London Pucowo 2011 INFN: (M. Bencivenni) tutorial organized on WS-PGRADE. URL: [4])
June 9-10, 2011 CERN Federated identity systems on scientif collaborations INFN: (G. Misurelli) First meeting as an introduction step to envisage current situation about identity systems status and user requirements for single sign on services with the goal to collaborate into the definition of a common layer for a trusted federation. [5]


Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
Volume number

Pages from - to
Et al?
Recent improvements in HLRmon, an accounting portal suitable for national Grids Proc. of the 2011 International Conference on Grid Computing and Applications ISBN: 1-60132-181-3 pp. 10-13 1. Cristofori, A.; 2. Fattibene, E.; 3. Gaido, L


2.1. Progress Summary

2.1.1. GARR

During this quarter task meetings have been carried out by Video Conference and phone calls. The main meeting has been the Network Support coordination Video Conference on June 1, 2011. The agenda of the VC meeting has been:

  • Update on the on-going activities on the three tools we intend to present at the Net Sup Workshop at the EGI Tech Forum at the end of September (Lyon, France):
    • HINTS
    • PerfSONAR live CD for e2eMON
    • NetJobs
  • questionnaire for NRENs, -
  • collaboration with GN3 PERT,
  • IPv6

During the meeting all the points in the agenda have been discussed and a strategy for Network Support around them has been identified and agreed.

Plans for the next period

Keep carrying out the testing and validation campaign for HINTS, pS DVD e2e Live DVD and NetJobs and present the tools in September at the EGI NetSup workshop OMB during the EGI TF in Lyon. Organize a questionnaire on IPv6 for the NGIs.

2.1.2. INFN

IGI statutes and legal structure are being finalized, while IGI has started working as INFN Special Project, with expected duration of about 1 year, which will end when IGI will start as an independent legal structure.

  • Regional security contacts have been actively involved in the security service challenge 5 both supporting T1 and T2 atlas sites and interfacing with EGI-CSIRT.
  • Regional representatives joined EGI OTAG-08 meeting as well as EGI task force on regionalization ops tools to carry out discussions about the requirements that have been defined in the doc ttps:// Such requirements will be discussed during incoming OTAG-09 meeting.
  • A storage accounting system prototype, integrated in DGAS, has been developed at INFN(details in the main achievements section).
  • A new version of WMSMonitor tool has been developed (details in the main achievements section).
  • Resource centers coordination
    • good overall results in the league table for this quarter: May (98%/98%), June (97%/97%), July (NA);
    • Operation problems are discussed in the regular coordination meeting. The ROD team works well. Grid services are maintained up-to-date.
    • Two new sites (INFN-MIB and GARR-01-DIR) have been certified during this quarter.
  • Core Services
    • In the reported period the operation team keeps the Grid core services running smoothly and updated in the region.
  • Early Adopter activity
    • Early adopter activity for Nagios regarded the updates 10.1, 11 and 11.1. While the 10.1 was a fix for an issue with gLExec profile into update 10, update 11.1 contained a fix for a failure we encountered at yaim config time during update 10. Temporary fix to the problem has been implemented manually removing a column index into metric store database.
    • Early adopter activity has been also carried out Argus, Voms, LFC, WMS, LB, Cream and other products released in UMD 1.0 and to be released in UMD 1.1.

2.2. Main Achievements

2.2.1. GARR

Further testing of HINTS has been carried out both in France and in Italy. Probes have been installed in Bologna at INFN CNAF, in Rome at INFN Roma Tre and GARR; in Toulouse and Paris. A development server has been set up in Paris and a production one is located in Rome. The test of the system has started and feedback has been provided to the developers. This will improve the quality of the tool, including the documentation. Cross registration of probes between the French and Italian sites has been carried out. Participation of the EGI NetSup coordination team to the HEPiX IPv6 Working Group has been organized and the first 2 meetings have been attended. A brain storming session with GEANT3 PERT has been organized and basic ideas have come out for fruitful collaboration. They will be reported by a forthcoming short document.

2.2.2. INFN

  • A storage accounting system prototype, integrated in DGAS, has been developed at INFN. The storage accounting information is retrieved from the BDII and the generated Usage Records are stored into the DGAS HLR servers. HLRmon is able to retrieve aggregated accounting information in order to show it as charts or in a tabular way. HLRmon retrieves also information about the total and free space available at the storage resources, directly from the BDII, in order to compare these values to the used space. A dedicated HLRmon section is presenting the retrieved information and is still under development.
  • A new version of WMSMonitor tool has been developed. The sensors have been re-written to adapt to the new version of WMS and LB services. The data transport mechanism now used to transfer data from the sensors to the server is ActiveMQ. The WMSMonitor database has been re-designed and the web interface has been improved with new sections and features. This version is under test at INFN.
  • Italian Early Adopter resource centres actively contribute to the storage rollout activities for UMD 1.0 and UMD 1.1.
  • In the framework of the Italian Grid Infrastructure, we are designing a web portal for the grid and cloud services provisioning. In this approach, we feel that one of the key point that this kind of application must be able to address is the possibility to hide the complexity of the X509 certificates request and management. In fact, while the PKI infrastructure is certainly one of the main aspect of the Grid environment, it is also one of the bigger obstacles that very often prevents the new users from approaching it. A white paper has been submitted to be discussed to eugridpma and igtf and it is temporary available at

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
GARR: No issues have emerged so far. The questionnaire on the NREN-NGI interaction for the NREN has been postponed due to priority given to the tools.
INFN: Some shared storage area are double counted in the storage size metric due to a problem in storm info provider. QR metrics were amended manually by NOC managers, waiting for a fix released by storm (expected in the next quarter).