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Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
5 Oct / 2012 Valencia, Spain Mini workshop SuperComputing + Grid 5


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
19-20 Jan / 2012 Madrid Spain Jornada de usuarios Grid 3
23-26 Aug / 2012 Brussels, Belgium EuroSciPy 1 -
17-21 Sep / 2012 Prague, CZ Republic EGI Technical Forum Several NGI members attending the conference (~ 20) Reflecting on the considerable progress made by the collaboration so far and looking forwards to the challenges of public availability, reusability and transparency of scientific methods and data in Open Science, the core theme of this Technical Forum was: “The development of an open and sustainable EGI ecosystem that will support Open Science in the digital European Research Area.”,
  • CESGA:
  1. "Workshop: New features on Accounting Portal Release Electra", , workshop
  2. “Workshop: Future advancements of tools and regionalization”,
  3. “Demo: Providing cloud services”,
  4. “Demo: MPI in EGI”,
  • IFCA:
  1. Ibercloud: orchestrating services to provide virtualized access to IberGrid:
  2. “Demo: MPI in EGI”,
  • LIP:
  1. Deploying User Oriented Services in IBERGRID:
  2. “Demo: MPI in EGI”,
18-20 Sep / 2012 Palma, Spain FisEs'12 2
19 Sep / 2012 Elche (Spain) XXIII Jornadas de paralelismo 2012 (Included inside of Jornadas Sarteco) 1
2-4 Oct / 2012 Tarragona, Spain 1st International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Natural Computing 1


Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
Volume number

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Et al?
Gestión Eficiente de Recursos Grid Basada en la Búsqueda Dispersa. Facilitando la Auto-adaptación de Aplicaciones Proceeding of the "XXIII Jornadas de paralelismo 2012" Available online at (See Section #2C)
  1. María Botón-Fernández
  2. Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez
  3. Francisco Prieto
Despliegue Adaptativo de Aplicaciones en Sistemas Grid Basado en el Concepto de Autómatas Celulares Proceeding of the "XXIII Jornadas de paralelismo 2012" Available online at (See Section #2C)
  1. María Botón-Fernández
  2. Francisco Prieto
  3. Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez
Nature-inspired Algorithms Applied to an Efficient and Self-adaptive Resources Selection Model for Grid Applications Adrian Horia Dediu, Carlos Martín-Vide, Bianca Truthe (Eds.): Theory and Practice of Natural Computing - First International Conference, TPNC 2012, Tarragona, Spain, October 2-4, 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7505 Springer 2012, pp. 84-96, ISBN 978-3-642-33859-5
  1. María Botón-Fernández
  2. Francisco Prieto
  3. Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez


2.1. Progress Summary

  1. Follow up with sites which were publishing accounting data with unknown UserDNs.
  2. Follow up with sites that had to republish accounting data, and coordinate with the Accounting Repository staff for the republishing of large amounts of data.
  3. Provide information about the sustainability status of the NGIss (Portugal and Spain) after May 2014 and about the EGI Global operations services.
  4. Collect and report experience about national VOs running on EMI WN
  5. Collect and provide information about the IBERGRID and site-specific resource allocation policies
  6. Dissimination of the UMD upgrade calendar and of the imposed policies to follow up the implementation of such calendar.
  7. Follow up site's UMD upgrade within IBERGRID. NGI GGUS tickets were opened to sites requesting upgrade plans. Tickets were reviewed on a weekly basis.
  8. Follow up all questions from IBERIAN sites regarding the upgrade to UMD (doubts, issues, questions).
  9. Coordination for the migration of important regional services (R-Nagios, VOMS, LFC, WMS and Top-BDIIs)
  10. Follow up the monthly A/R report for IBERIAN sites failing the threshold.
  11. Follow up security issues with IBERIAN sites according to what is reported in the security dashboard,
  12. Follow up of the status of IBERIAN sites in GSTAT
  13. Decommission procedure for BIFI-IBERGRID and UMINHO-CP in progress

2.2. Main Achievements

  1. A systematic 100% A/R (6 months in a row) for the TopBDII service (after the implementation of the TopBDII HA mechanism).
  2. Major UMD upgrades for services operated by the NGI were successfully carried out with minimum interference in users activity (including R-NAGIOS).
  3. The majority of the sites are following the calendar for UMD migration. Currently only 5 sites have opened tickets regarding unsupported gLite middleware.
  4. Implementation of a monthly review of security issues by the regional security staff.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Some sites in the IBERIAN region are requesting the use of relocatable tarballs for UIs and WNs. This is a know issue which is already being followed by EGI Operations through: The problem is still not solved
CESGA is affected by a SAM issue (nagios binary compatiblity with SL6+) and as a consequence, it had 0% A/R in September and October A new binary is upgraded in the regional IBERGRID SAM instance. Recomputation of A/R has been requested in