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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
4 NGI_BY UIIP NASB Serge A. Salamanka




Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
11-14.04.2011 Vilnus, Lithuania User Forum 2
25.04.2011 Minsk, Belarus Youth in Science - 2011 2
25.04.2011 Minsk, Belarus Fundamental problems of high performance computing. HPC for industrial applications. 1



2.1. Progress Summary

NGI_BY Core services

  • The core services of the National Grid Infrastructure are running on powerful hardware without any interuptions and can be considered quite sustainable. These services are being updated during the periods of time when their usage is low. During the Q4 period special attention was paid to the SAM UPDATE-09. The information on the progress of applying updates is summarized below.
TopBDII: current 3.2.9-0 needs latest 3.2.11-1
WMS: current 3.1.30-0 needs latest 3.1.31-0 
LB: current 3.1.20-2 needs latest 3.2.12-6 (issue 1)
LFC: current 3.1.37-2 needs latest 3.2.7-2
PX: current 3.1.29-0 needs version glite3.2 (issue 2)
VOMS: current 3.2.0-8 is the latest
NAGIOS: current 1.0.0-60 SAM UPDATE-09 needs latest SAM UPDATE-10

NGI_BY Operations portal

  • The operations portal was upgraded to version 2.5 in close collaboration with its developers. New fetures of the portal are being used extensively by NGI_BY ROD. The latest release 2.6 hasn't been applied yet due to the portal customization for its regional use and requires new update procedure.

NGI_BY gLite-sites

  • The main progress of the HEP gLite-sites in NGI_BY is in the utilization of its resources as Tier3 centres for ATLAS/CMS collaborations.
  • The sites are operating 24/7 with reliable metrics and the administrators are participating in the ROD activities.
  • One site was suspended from EGI infrastructure.
  • BY-UIIP increased its storage capacity upto 18TB
  • BY-NCPHEP is working towards the same increase in storage capacity and also in CPUs.
  • BY-JIPNR-SOSNY is still running some services on glite3.1 but is planning to migrate them to glite3.2. One lcg-CE will be replaced by CREAM CE and the other one is going to be used with glite3.1 i386 WNs.

2.2. Main Achievements

  • NGI_BY increased its storage capacity upto 20TB.
  • NGI_BY migrated from RGMA to APEL completely.
  • NGI_BY glite-sites (3 out of 4) are upgraded to glite3.2.
  • NGI_BY Operations Portal is upgraded and optimized to its regional content frame.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Issue 1. LB core service cannot be upgraded to glite3.2 as it is colocated with WMS which doesn't have glite3.2 version released. As soon as WMS glite3.2 is released WMS/LB will be upgraded.
Issue 2. LFC core service is not upgraded to glite3.2 as it is colocated with PX which doesn't have glite3.2 version released. As soon as PX glite3.2 is released LFC/PX will be upgraded.