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Activity Reports




NA2.3 Strategic Planning and Policy Support

Major work done

  • Pay for Use: managed a telecon, minute taking (
  • Solutions White Papers:
    • final draft for "Community-driven Innovation and Support", "Federated Operations" and "Federated Clouds";
    • missing success stories and dedicated meeting to verify KPIs
    • missing High-Troughtput Data Analysis contribution
  • Chaired data steering committees, prepared document for contacting SMEs
  • Attended TF Governance and minute taking
  • Attended EGI Council and minute taking
  • Prepared presentation for Open Access event
  • Evaluating options to deal with late delivery of the mini-project TSA4.6

Major Events Attended

  • (Sergio) H2020 and Open Access, 25.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Carmela) CloudScape VI, 24/25.02.2014, Brussels
  • (Sergio, Javier) APARSEN-EGI Workshop on Big Data, 4-6 March 2014, Amsterdam

Major Events Planned

  • (Sergio, Carmela) Copernicus Big Data event, 13/14.03.2014, Brussels

NA2.4 Events

NA2.5 Technical outreach


  • ldapsearch based script to get all data (which is not available in gstat e.g. hardware,software) from BDII for a list or one EGI VO and produce CSV format file for later processing in Excel
  • gathering information about the Life Sciences resources
  • Preparation for BioMedBridges AGM (incl a new poster)
  • APARSEN-EGI workshop
  • Request for approval for chapters of the Use Cases document
  • Planning for EGI CF user engagement tracks and sessions
  • Attend BioMedBridges AGM
  • Meeting: RNA-seq federated cloud use case
  • GGUS support
  • AppDB
    • wiki feature review
    • hypervisor formats supported
  • Federated Cloud: meeting with prospective use case provider - biology/social sciences/economic models
  • Engagement Scoping phase
    • Support DIRAC 4 EGI
  • Participation in meeting with DIRAC: EC call INFRA-DEV-4


  • Finalizing on getting-started and platform pages for ER-flow website
    • Working with Noam about how to enforce DCI field and normalize DCIs namings for a workflows at the repository that users must know before using a wanted workflow.
  • Events table updated:
    • IEEE 2014 8th International Symposium on Scientific Workflows and Big Data Science (SWF 2014) in conjunction with IEEE BigData 2014


  • BioVeL asset registry discussion
  • ST weekly call

Major Events Planned





  • We send out all the certificates
  • Uploaded the solution to the final assignment
  • Send out a questionnaire to participants

TSA4.3 - Liferay

  • INFN finished work
  • SZTAKI finished work
  • CESNET evaluation of new SocialOffice version 3.0

TSA4.4 - OCCI for CMF

  • bug fixes, released beta.2
  • first experiments with native packaging for Debian
  • installation & configuration docs nearly finished
ToDo for next week
  • work on additional backends (CloudStack still has the highest priority)
  • continue to do quick bug -> bug fix -> another beta release iterations for rOCCI-server
  • CloudStack devs still haven't responded, we don't have a concrete timeline for the CloudStack backend yet
  • __UPDATE__ In case they won't respond in time, we will attempt to port their code ourselves and produce at least a basic (and working) backend for CloudStack
  • no further delay

TSA4.5 - CDMI in CMF


(slow due to a traditional spring flu)

  • documentation of the openstack configuration
  • work-in-progress on extensions to cli + probe
  • Call out #2 for more testing sites
Plans for the next period
  • finish cdmi probe
  • extended howto for adding new backends (requested a couple of times)
Problems we encounter, but can solve:
  • 0.7 month delay caused by effort rescheduling
  • need more instances for testing against openstack swift :/

TSA4.6 - OCCI CompClouds

no report given

TSA4.7 - AppDeployment

bi-weekly reporting

TSA4.8 - CloudCapabilities

bi-weekly reporting


Project is due to end on 15th of April, marked by the leaving of Flavien Forestier, developer. As already said previously in emails to the partners, the user community features (users database, user's life cycle management) will not be started by the end of the project in mid-April.

  • Add support of 3 new VOs: compchem,, vlemed
  • Continue the development/improvement of the dark data and lost files handling:
    • Improve errors reporting
    • Integrate new version of GFAL2 API and start checking with gsiftp protocol
Plans for next period
  • Complete the dark data and lost files management and start using it in production for biomed.
  • Enable the support of VO VO.
Problems we encounter, but can solve


Problems and issues we need external help with


TSA4.10 - CompReports

  • [CompEng] Support the use of Availability Profiles in the computations
  • [CompEng] Support for recalculations
  • [WebUI] Management of recomputations
  • [WebUI] Use UTC timestamps for the recomputation period
  • [WebAPI] Scheduling of recomputations
  • [Ops] Installation document for the standalone version
  • [Ops] Installation document for the cluster version
  • [Ops] Move to Github
  • [Ops] Monitoring of ar-stats
  • [Ops] In progress: Support for data retention policies
  • [Ops] In progress: Automation of the building/packaging
Plans for next sprint
  • [CompEng] Investigate the compute requirements for A/R
  • [CompEng] Re-iterate the validation of results
  • [CompEng] Fix the Availability Profile support for the VO calculations
  • [WebUI] Management of availability profiles
  • [WebUI] Installation document for Lavoisier
  • [WebAPI] Return daily and monthly results for Service Flavors
  • [WebAPI] History of recomputations
  • [WebAPI] Document the recalculation API
  • [WebAPI] Add VO results
  • [WebAPI] Add upstart script
  • [Ops] New probes for the WebAPI & WebUI
  • [Ops] Installation of Lavoisier on ~okeanos
  • [Ops] Automation of the packaging
  • [Ops] Automate the execution of the A/R computations
Problems encountered

- The SAM migration activity has consumed to much resources and has affected the progress of TSA4.10.

TSA4.12 - AllocateFedRes

bi-weekly reporting


Report: Inspire jra1 2014-03-11