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DCH-RP:PoC 2 (Long term) Data Preservation platform

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WP5: Proofs of Concept Scenarios PoC Phase 1 PoC Phase 2 DCH Glossary
Proofs of Concept 2 Experiment 1:
Evaluate SCAPE tools
Experiment 2:
Evaluate SCIDIP-ES services
Experiment 3:
Evaluate EUDAT services
Experiment 4:
Re-run Scenarios 1.1 & 1.4
Experiment 5:
(Long term) Data Preservation platform

This experiment sets out to explore capabilities and service levels of, potentially long-term, data preservation. This experiment will aim to assemble a preservation platform that can be offered as a service to different user communities; however it will focus on CH data within the experiment.

The experiment will be conducted jointly with the APARSEN project.

The experiment will explore the following technology and use cases:

  • Digital persistent identifier technology (PId)
  • Digital journal article supplement preservation
  • Preserving 3D visualisations

The initial objectives for this experiment are:

  • Establish an external storage service matching specific trust requirements
    • Document and implement trust requirements from Editeur et al for journal supplement preservation
    • Document and implement trust requirements from Collections Trust for 3D visualisation preservation
  • Use the assembled tools and services to preserve journal supplements and 3D visualisations
  • Define new service requirements fromthis experiment