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CC-LifeWatch Meetings

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Ad-hoc meetings will be setup along the evolution of the tasks.


In discussion


EGI Community Forum 2015 - Bari


EGI 2015 - Lisbon

A global meeting took place in Lisbon, along the EGI Conference:

Notice the session on monday afternoon introducing the Competence Centers, where a presentation from LifeWatch CC by Jesus summarized the CC aims, framework and resources [1]. Notice also that there was a meeting of the EU Brazil Cloud connect project that same day.

There were "All hands" afternoon sessions for Competence Centers on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, oriented to the general framework components that will be available. In particular the session on Open Data on Thursday.

There was also an specific session on Citizen Science on Tuesday 15.30-17h, co-chaired by Fermin Serrano from BIFI, including two presentations on biodiversity: Citizen Science Initiatives in the Mediterranean Basin[2] by Emmanouela Panteri, and BioDiversity4All by Patricia Tiago.

and, most important, we had the two specific LW sessions:

  1. Lifewatch CC Session 1: Monday 18th, 17:00 - 18:00
  2. Lifewatch CC Session 2: Thursday 21st, 17:00 - 18:00

For Monday the objetive was that we know each other "requirements" and the "global framework" (FedCloud, etc).

For Thursday the idea was to continue the presentations and then re-cap: what we learned, discussed, etc, and plans for next steps.

Session 1

Session 2


  • We will try to complete all the tasks written in EGI-LFW CC document, even those are not funded.
  • We are quite progresses checking Citizen Science initiatives (BIFI team, with the support of CSIC-RJB)
  • AAI: Easiest solution is start using institutional ID. But what about citizen and authorities? see also the discussion on friday morning session [3]
  • We need to populate this wiki and Lifewatch VO.
  • We need to discuss on technical topics: use (and training) on FedCloud, data management and metadata, R-support
  • A EGI LW CC workshop will be scheduled, in principle by september : DOODLE (Place, Dates, Topics) [4]
  • Another EGI LW CC workshop will take place likely just before EGI Bari Meeting (November 10-13), it could take place in Bari (or in Lecce).
  • For information: the LW non-marine VRE meeting will take place on 3rd July in Brussels; another meeting on VRE for Alien Species will take place in Bari on 9th-10th of July
  • Should we be present at Ecological Society Meeting? (Rome, End of September).


1. Authentication Authorization Infrastructure - AAI (Peter Solagna):

2. Cloud services (Diego Scardaci):

3. Webinar about Data management in EGI: Grid (Vincenzo Spinoso) & Cloud (Enol Fernandez):

EGI LW CC progress meeting in Santander, September 2015

2-4 September at IFCA, see:

Online meeting, November 2015


Online meeting, January 2016


EGI Conference 2016, Amsterdam 6-8 April 2016


Online meeting, June 2016

Online meeting, October 2016

Online meeting, December 2016