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Assistants: Emmanouela, Alexandros, Aida, Gergely, Enol, Jesús, Nicola, Fernando. Apologies: Alain, Julien, VLIZ team, Christos...


Jesus reported on the midterm review of EGI-Engage, that went fine. We need however to provide plans for next period, including how we will use the remaining Person Months. We will keep the plans for deliverables, etc. (see below).

The report from the reviewers comments about LifeWatch CC, within WP6:

"LifeWatch CC LifeWatch is a new e-Science ERIC, which is still in its initiation phase. Open data and data lifecycle management is a challenge for them, as is VO management. The EGI CC call was seized upon as a means to solve these problems. European scope and technical support offered by EGI was a key reason for the decision to use LifeWatch’s own resources to collaborate in EGI-Engage. The scaling effect of porting and mounting LifeWatch data to run on EGI services has meant that all LifeWatch researchers can now access all data at any time. Citizen Science is also enabled through this CC via the Natusfera mobile phone app."

And then about the deliverables: D6.1 Integration of assisted pattern recognition tools D6.1 is a software deliverable which is accompanied by this short description of the approach taken in deploying the Caffe pattern recognition tool within the EGI ecosystem. The work has been carried out to support the life- and ecoscience communities and all architectural elements have been justified through a user-community requirements based design approach. More work is planned.


D6.6 Data flow handler and basic R tools to integrate and process data from Ecological Observatories in EGI

This deliverable is related to D6.1. It describes the integration of analytical tools for the life- and eco- science communities, notably focusing on the selection, deployment and use of various R tools. The system architecture was designed to meet the data access needs of R and, importantly, to allow access to external compute services: such as HPC. End user feed back has been neutral to favourable for the preliminary version currently deployed. Work will continue to develop the EGI life- and eco- science support services. The appendix relating to the testing of R in different environments reveals interesting results.


Delay of deliverables? Engagement of other communities. They need to focus efforts there. Engage with SMEs as Lifewatch CC. EGI industry program was defined recently.


We have submitted as Competence Center an abstract for a talk to Krakow conference on Digital Infrastructures for Research 2016 (see

We will link the abstract to the wiki. (PENDING)

In parallel, two other abstracts related to ESFRI context and LifeWatch have been submitted, one for a full session.

We can yet submit abstract for posters. Volunteers encouraged! 

Posters can be sent until 20th July. We won’t 

The meeting in Krakow is not an EGI conference, so in principle we do not plan to have a CC meeting there (but see below).


We have participated in the COOP+ Kick-off meeting in Granada (remember this was prsented by Curro Bonet on our last meeting in Amsterdam). Now it is time for challenges involving different environmental (marine, eco, atmosphere) Research Infrastructures at international level. Contact us if you can contribute.


Meeting in Italy (PENDING)

See Semantics WG update.


Any other news (?)

2-Progress within the different technical workpackages (45')

See status in OpenProject:

2.1 AAI (Fernando)

Slides a open project, other alternatives, etc. Forum to communicate the status of the developments, etc. IaaS? Lifewatch IdP could be integrated with other IdPs (like EGI), or OpenStack for example, as it exports SAML. Elixir manage of AppDB, GOCDB usin perun as group manager. See:

2.2 R (Anastasis)

Mobile applications: RvLab from the mobile. They tried to communicate with people from VLIZ in order to connect R services from both places.

An extended report will be sent.

2.3 GeoServer/GIS (Bart)

New resources applied by VLIZ.

2.4 Citizen Science (Paco)

Tiger mosquitos classification. IFCA: Neural network in new GPUs.

2.5 noSQL (Mario)

No news.

2.6 Semantics (Nicola)

Last week workshop with the focus on thesauri and semantic. Discuss of ontologies model at european level. Model from cultural heritage field. State of the art on different proposals in Europe. Tomorrow meeting in oostende to look what work have been done in Europe. In september good overview of the state of the art in semantics. Links with Curro Bonet team.

2.7 python workflows (Alain)

No news.

2.8 Storage (Bart)

No news.

3-Plans and next meeting(s) (15')

We need to review what is planned in the EGI-Engage proposal for the second year (deliverables included)

D6.18 - Report on the installed LifeWatch applications and their usage record (R) (M24=February 2017)

A report to summaries the software applications that have been integrated and installed on EGI by the LifeWatch Competence Centre and to provide statistics about their use.

Jesus: reading back our DoW for the CC, we are well covered if we report applications on the areas described initially:

Observatories: we have VLIZ input, we need to include now 1-2 applications from: "Similar use cases, in particular for analytic tools with simple yet powerful user interfaces, apply to other Ecological Observatories considered: the LTER Observatory of Sierra Nevada in Spain, the Sabor-LTER site in Portugal, a lake (Sanabria lake also in Spain), and another LTER (ZATU) studying areas under chronic radiation exposure on the French territory." We propose to explore the interface to OSN (Granada) LTER site (as we are also pursuing the use of EML with tools like MORPHOS to describe the metadata, but need complete examples of full dataset access and use). TBD with Curro Bonet team. Other volunteers?

Workflows: we have already the Galaxy implemented, we need mainly statistics of usage. We could also provide for TRUFA if we make it into the cloud (?). Or statistics on other python based workflows from Alain team... Need to discuss offline with Alain (travelling today).

Citizen Science: need to see the evolution of the Natusfera application (usage by citizens)... Jesus to contact Paco.

-we have also submitted a presentation draft to Krakow meeting in september, but it is likely that this will not be the adequate forum for the next EGI-Engage LW CC meeting. So we should discuss if we need a meeting around September/October and where

There are two initial options: Crete and Bourdeaux.

Won’t be easy to find a room in Krakow but we can try. Or organizing an specific meeting in Crete and Bourdeaux. Crete could be great in september (second week or so).

Deliverable meeting before summer? To start gathering statistics. Skeleton of the deliverable asap. Summary meeting teleconf on mid july. (ACTION)

Forum: embed the mailing list functionalities. ACTION: Prepare a “How to Use” OpenProject: Documents, Forums, Wps, Types, HW…

4-AOB (15')



ACTION: Skeleton of the deliverable asap. Summary meeting teleconf on mid july. ACTION: Prepare a “How to Use” OpenProject: Documents, Forums, Wps, Types, HW…