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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Meetings

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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Tasks Meetings & Actions Resources






  • A12: Antonis to work on implementation of new data model
  • A14: Harry to document the rules being used
    24.07: will be completed once the set of rules are stable
  • A16: Sergio: to define more generic rules to be used
    24.07: work in progress
  • A18: Sergio/Sara: to provide richer list of projects for mining
    24.07: content added to the acknowledgement tables, work in progress
  • A19: Sergio: to check if/how we can provide list of authors
    24.07: this is technical possible, it needs to be verified the compliance with the privacy policy; expert being queried about this
  • A20: Harry: contact the WoS expert for metadata searching
    24.07: Harry provided a richer set of rules to the WoS expert, a richer set of results has been delivered to Harry's team (14K pubs) that is being mined and curated; results will be provided to EGI by 26.07
  • A21: Harry: add new rules and re-run, provide results
    24.07: done on Arxiv using the expanded set of rules, 2K extra new results have been identified; general terms help in increasing the confidence rate of results; to be provided to EGI by 26.07
  • A24: Sara: to check what rules would match the 8 publications that were provided to Harry and are not yet matched (see Harry's email from 19/07)


  • A01: Update mailing list (Sergio, 29.04.2013)
    mailing list updated
  • A02:Prepare and send survey to VO managers to collect info about existing acknowledgement statements (Sergio, 29.04.2013)
    survey sent 29.04.2013 with deadline for filling 10.05.2013
  • A03: Send reminders to VO managers about the survey (Sergio)
    reminder sent, achieved 23 answering VO's
  • A04:Analyse survey results and provide data to OpenAIRE (Sergio, 13.05.2013)
    results analysed and collected in the wiki page
  • A05: Harry to prepare a list of publications resulting from mining on existing repositories for EGI to validate
    a first set of results was provided: ATLAS (93), CMS (4), ICECUBE (3), MAGIC (3), METACENTRUM (2), T2K (69) for the period of April-Dec 2012 on
  • A06:Sergio: to send policy paper about EGI resource allocation to Natalia
    document sent
  • A07:Sara: to send publications list to Harry
    sent initial list
  • A08:Harry to re-run rules on longer time span (Arxiv) and more data sources
    done on 2010-2012
  • A09:Natalia to discuss with Antonis about how to make accessible to EGI people the results of the mining activity
    results are provided via excel
  • A10:Sergio: upload results of mining
  • A11: Sara: evalute results from WoS
    good, no false positive
  • A17: Sergio: to contact NILs and ask if they use statements in national language to acknowledge EGI or NGIs
    24.07: done, collected results have been added in the acknowledgement table
  • A15: Sara: to send EGI logo and graphic package to Antonis for use when personalised EGI pages will be created
  • A22: Sara: evaluate results from Arxiv and identify false matches
    Sara made a verification by sampling the results and no false positive were found
  • A23: Sergio/Paolo: finalise participation of Paolo at EGITF13
    everything fixed
  • A13: Antonis to work on mock-up for interface that could be used by EGI to showcase the upcoming features at the EGI-InSPIRE review
    mock-up prepared and sent