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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Meetings/2013-06-21

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VT Scientific Publications Repository Implementation Tasks Meetings & Actions Resources

Meeting 21 June 2013 - 11:00-12:00 CEST


  1. Actions review
  2. Update from EGI
  3. Update from OpenAIRE - Mining Team
  4. Update from OpenAIRE - Data Model Team
  5. Update from OpenAIRE - User Interface Team
  6. AOB


  1. Sergio Andreozzi,
  2. Burcu Ortakaya, NGI TR
  3. Genevieve Romier, NGI-FR
  4. Harry Dimitropoulos, NKUA
  5. Elefterios Stamatogiannakis, NKUA
  6. Ioannis Foufoulas, NKUA


  1. Wilhelm Bühler, NGI-DE
  2. Catherine Gater,
  3. Sara Coelho,
  4. Najla Rettberg, UniGoettingen
  5. Natalia Manola, NKUA
  6. Paolo Manghi, CNR
  7. Antonis Lempesis, NKUA


Review of minutes from last call

Genevieve clarified the question from last call, notes were not clear, corrected. The question was about if OpenAIR mines data from academic repositories (it will do ) and why they needed to download PDF (to mine the text)


  • prepared for the review, two slides will make reference to this work, one with problem/solution, the other one with screenshot
  • no time to review the results, will be processed by next call

Mining Team

  • results on Web of Science circulated for list of projects known to OpenAIRE (EGI-InSPIRE, EMI, WeNMR)

Data Model

  • no reps at the call, will ask update via email

User Interface

  • no reps at the call, will ask update via email


Burcu reported that in Turkey she performs two types of searches: 1) through funding statement; 2) through author names that are heavy users; the second usually reports results not visible with the first; discussion around the possibility of using EGI users names to mine text; this is possible, need to provide the list as Excel possibly (to check also if there are privacy concerns); discussion around mining text from searching on metadata; search on metadata is taken care by a different person (probably to be invited at next call); idea interesting needs to be further developed

New Actions

  • Action: (Sergio/Sara) to provide richer list of projects for mining
  • Action: (Sergio) to check if/how we can provide list of authors
  • Action: (Harry) contact the WoS expert for metadata searching for next call

Next Meeting

08.Jul 11:00 CEST