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This page is an extract of the EGI Engagement Strategy, the document that defines the scope and activities of EGI Engagement. For further information please refer to the strategy document.

Goals and tasks of EGI training

The EGI-Engage project (task SA2.1) provides foundational training services and coordination to training activities across the whole EGI collaboration. The main goal of this activity is to operate a framework that enables members of EGI community as well as external partners to effectively create, deliver, share, reuse and benefit from training services in the context of e-infrastructures and e-science. The prime objective is to provide ‘glue’ and also facilitation for training activities conducted by Competence Centres, National Grid Initiatives and partner projects (including e-infrastructure and Research Infrastructures), maximising the effectiveness and impact of training across countries and communities. This is achieved by providing a training e-infrastructure, data, software and other online resources, modules, a marketplace and webinar tools for trainers and trainees, and by organising and contributing to the organisation of high-impact training events.

Training plan

The EGI training plan for the March 2015-Feb 2016 period is available at

Training marketplace

The EGI Training Marketplace is an online registry to advertise and to view (browse and search) training events, Webinars, Training materials, Training resources and University Degrees that relate to EGI or to e-science. The service supports cooperation between trainers and trainees in different localities and projects by connecting the groups through the stored items that are advertised in the Training. The Training Marketplace is typically used together with the EGI Document Database ( where files (training presentations, tutorial documents, etc.) are stored and then indexed from the Marketplace. The Training Marketplace offers Web gadgets for integration with third party websites. This facility is suitable e.g. to embed a listing of training materials into an NGI website. The Training Marketplace also provides commenting and content validation facility on each stored item:

  • Any user (after registration and login) can leave a comment on a registered item.
  • The user who registers an item can re-validate the item on a regular basis (e.g. once a year), indicating to those who browse the item that it’s still up-to-date and valid.

Training infrastructure

In 2015 the EGI community has established a cloud based e-infrastructure for training. The infrastructure can be used for training events, demonstrations, Webinars and self-paced learning courses. Further information:

Training materials

Training materials are available in the EGI Training Marketplace.


EGI runs a Webinar programme, featuring lectures from the EGI and other European e-infrasructure communities. Further information: