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Ticket generator Top-BDII

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How to use ticket generator for WI04 (core services followup)

Configure the script.

In file at the beginning of the script you have to fill in following variable:

my $endpoint = "";
my $user = ""; # login to GGUS web-services
my $pass = ""; # password to GGUS web-services

# Submitter data, Those data will be used as submitter's data to create tickets
my $Mail = ""; # your email address
my $DN = "";   # your DN
my $Name = ""; # Name and Surname

  • Prepare input file.

The input plain file format for the scripts is as follow:

ROC/NGI support unit in GGUS; Availability; Reliability;

Remember that in each line should be one site and the number of semicolons should be always 3.


NGI_PL; 50%; 10%;
NGI_NL; 15%; 3%;
  • Execute the tool

Login to machine with perl installed and execute the script as follow:


PARENT_TICKET_ID - number of the ticket created by COO to handle the report

DATE - date of the report. Format: "month year"

FILE_NAME - file with input data


  perl 4121 "May 2010" dane.txt