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In years 1--2 of EGI-InSPIRE DMSU was a standalone task TSA2.5 dedicated to 2nd line support of middleware components (DMSU == Deployed Middleware Support Unit). Since year 3 (September 2012 technically) it is merged with TPM (within TSA1.7) to povide aggregated 1st and 2nd line support to all deployed software.

Within GGUS, the legacy DMSU unit is still used to keep the in-progress software related tickets.

The purpose of the software support team work is twofold: to find solution to problems which do not require changes in code, documentation, ... (whatever is released by the TP), and to provide thorough analysis, yielding well-specified bug report otherwise.

The team also carries sufficient expertise to provide emergency fixes to the software problems in the unlikely case the TP fails to deliver, for whatever reason.

Known Error Data Base

The KEDB provides a central database for Known Errors, namely identified problems for which an underlying cause has been identified already and a workaround is available. It is jointly maintained by DMSU and EGI Operations.