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Pool Allocation For Providers

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EGI Resource Allocation menu:

In order to proceed with resource allocation process, the resource pools have to be created in the system.

Resource Provider can create the pool in resource allocation tool e-GRANT.

1. Log in to e-GRANT.

  • Go to e-GRANT tool
  • Choose option: "Log in through GOCDB" (Resource Provider should have NGI Manager or Site Manager Role in GOCDB)

2. Choose "Pool" on top-left menu.

3. Choose "Create new pool" on top-right corner.


4. Set general pool properties

  • Pool Types (free hand, right to revoke, negotiation)More information
  • Quality of Service (Opportunistic, Time allocation, Reservation) More information
  • Local Polices (information about supported middlewares is required)
  • Select Entity (site which will deliver resources)

When ready, click on "Save" button


5. Edit pool details (all metrics should be filled in)

  • Enter start and end dates when pool will be available in the system
  • Set basic metrics.

There is (i) info context help, but you can also check Resource Allocation Metrics Description page


5a. If you choose "Opportunistic" quality of service type, you will have 2 additional metrics

(total time/ total storage should be equal to opporrtunistic time/storage metric)


6. When ready, choose "Save pool" button.


7. The new pool should be visible in the "Pool" list

8. Please, inform EGI RA Operations team that the new pool has been added via resource-allocation-support AT

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