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ROD intra-team communication

At the end of a shift the current ROD team should prepare the handover for internal ROD matters. Each ROD can decide independently on what the handover should look like and how it should be passed on to the next team. The following list provides mere suggestions for what should be included:

  • a list of tickets which will continue into the next week. Each item should contain the name of the site in question, GGUS ticket number, an optional ROD ticket ID if your NGI uses an internal ticket system, and the current status of the ticket;
  • any tickets opened that are not related to a particular alarm;
  • a summary of problems encountered with core grid services;
  • a report of any problems with operational tools that occured during the shift;
  • anything else the new team should be aware of.

For internal communication ROD can use mailing list(s), instant messengers, etc. Each ROD team is free to choose how the internal communication is established.

Communication with EGI Operations and site administrators

ROD should provide an email contact to where all ticket information should be sent and register this address into GGUS. Another address (or possibly the same) should be made available to make it possible for EGI Operations / Operations Support, site administrators, or other bodies to contact them directly.

ROD should communicate with EGI Operations Support through the mailing list operations-support(AT) Urgent matters should be communicated via a GGUS ticket assigned to the EGI Operations support unit to make tracking of the case possible.

There is also the handover section in the ROD dashboard which allows for EGI Operations team and RODs to intercommunicate.