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Welcome to the EGI Operations Main Page.

Contact address: operations at

Task forces

Several task forces have been set up to takle specific operational issues. Check the Task forces wiki page for information on active task forces, agendas and activities.

  • Operational issues, software deployment problems, news concerning tools deployed and more, are discussed during the Monday operations meetings that take place every two weeks: Grid Operations meeting (agendas on wiki: GridOpsMeeting | agendas on Indico)
  • The Resource Infrastructure Operations Managers meet at the Operations Management Board every month (OMB actions| Indico)
  • For an overview of all EGI-InSPIRE SA1 meetings see the EGI-InSPIRE SA1 meetings on Indico.

Operations tools
  • links to EGI tool portals
  • deployment plans
  • documentation
Grid middleware
  • development roadmaps
  • release schedules
  • documentation on ARC, gLite, GLOBUS and UNICORE
  • requirements gathering
Operations documentation
Operations security
  • EGI Computer Security and Incident Response Team (EGI CSIRT)
  • EGI Software Vulnerability Group
Interoperability of operations
  • UNICORE integration and related task force
  • Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure