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Operational tools deployment plans

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.


Operations tools deployment plans page provides information about NGI plans regarding deployment of individual operations tools.

Information is extracted from:

Tool release plans

Below is the description of operations tools regionalised versions release plans. The information is extracted from MS703.

SAM/Nagios provides regionalized version which is synchronized with the central instance. SAM/Nagios releases follow EGI software release process. List of NGI instances can be found on the following page: SAM Instances.

Operations portal provides regionalized version which is synchronized with the central instance. Operations portal releases do not follow EGI software release process.

GGUS provides xGUS - a simplified regional helpdesk instance for NGIs. These instances are operated centrally but can be customized by the regions. Also NGIs can run their own systems connected to GGUS via standardized interfaces.

Accounting portal currently does not provide regionalized version. Furthermore, Accounting portal depends on the regionalised version of Accounting repository. Prototype regionalised accounting repository will be available for testing in February 2011.

GOCDB provides a regional-standalone installation for custom use by NGIs (this is not a regional-publishing version that will synch its data with the central GOCDB).

NGI plans

Status explanation:

  • NGI - NGI plans to deploy NGI level instance of operations tool
    • without comment in () - tool is already deployed
    • with comment in () - deployment schedule
  • Central - NGI plans to use central instance of operations tool
  • Not decided - NGI is still evaluating options
  • N/A - NGI hasn't provided any plans so far
  • Custom NGI - NGI plans to deploy custom NGI level solution for particular operations tools, this option is not relevant from JRA1 perspective

Summary of answers per tool

Tool/feedback NGI Central Not decided Custom NGI
Accounting portal 11 18 1 3
GGUS(xGUS) In production: 7





Africa_ROC (


17 1 12
GOCDB 1 32 0 0
Operations portal 7 26 0 0

Individual NGIs feedback

NGI/ROC Country/ies Accounting portal GOCDB Operations Portal Helpdesk
AGSC (APROC) Asia Pacific Central Central Central Central
CERN * CERN Central Central Central Custom (NGI)
NGI_AEGIS Serbia NGI (wait for stable version) NGI (wait for package) NGI (no date) NGI (xGUS)
NGI_ALBANIA * Albania Central Central Central Central
NGI_ARMGRID Armenia Central Central Central Central
NGI_BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Central Central Central Central
NGI_BG * Bulgaria NGI (no date) Central NGI (not of high priority) Custom NGI (0|1)
NGI_BY Belarus NGI (no date) Central NGI Custom NGI (Other)
NGI_CH Switzerland NGI (if easy to maintain) Central Central NGI (xGUS)
NGI_CYGRID * Cyprus Central Central Central Central
NGI_CZ Czech Republic NGI (if added value is provided) Central NGI Custom NGI (RT)
NGI_DE Germany not decided Central Central NGI (xGUS)
NGI_FI Finland Custom NGI solution Central Central Central
NGI_FRANCE France NGI (repository only) Central Central Custom NGI (OTRS)
NGI_GE Georgia Central Central Central Central
NGI_GRNET Greece NGI (if added value is provided) Central NGI Custom NGI (RT)
NGI_HR Croatia NGI (waiting packaged release) Central Central Central
NGI_HU Hungary Central Central Central Central
NGI_IBERGRID Portugal, Spain Central Central NGI Custom NGI (RT)
NGI_IL Israel Central Central Central Central
NGI_IT Italy Custom NGI solution Central Central Custom NGI (Xoops/Xhelp)
NGI_MARGI Macedonia NGI(no date) Central Central Central
NGI_MD * Moldova Central Central Central Custom NGI (RT)
NGI_ME Montenegro Central Central Central Central
NGI_NDGF * Austria, Denmark, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania,
Norway, Sweden
Custom NGI solution Central Central Custom NGI (Other)
NGI_NL Belgium, The Netherlands Central Central Central Central
NGI_PL Poland Central Central Central Custom NGI (RT)
NGI_RO Romania Central Central Central Central
NGI_SI * Slovenia NGI (no date) Central Central Custom NGI (xGUS)
NGI_SK Slovakia Central Central Central Central
NGI_TR Turkey Central
Central Central Central
Russia Russia Central Central Central Custom NGI (Other)
UK UK NGI (no date) Central NGI (no date) Custom NGI (Footprints)

Plan updates

In case of any changes in deployment plans NGIs should:

  • open an RT ticket in queue noc-managers, ticket should contain description of changes in plan
  • assign the ticket to 'Emir Imamagic'