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The Operations Management Board (OMB) is a EGI policy board which aims to define policies needed to provide a reliable transparent infrastructure composed of multiple national infrastructure providers (Terms of Reference).

Contact information noc-managers at mailman dot egi dot eu
Membership NGI Operations Managers, EGI-InSPIRE SA1 task leaders, COO
Meetings OMB on Indico
OMB Documents Document DB
Actions noc-managers queue on EGI Request Tracker


January 2012

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 15 January To submit new middleware requirements by January 15 2012. All NGIs are requested to contact their site administrators to involve them in this process. Requirements have to be submitted as RT tickets (Instructions). IMPORTANT: the call for requirements concerns all the deployed middleware stacks that are supported in EGI - ARC, gLite, GLOBUS and UNICORED).

December 2011

  • ACTION 1. DEADLINE 31 December To check the list of sites using the CERN BDII. If usage of the CERN BDII is NOT supported by the NGI, NGIs are requested to contact their site administrators to fix it.
  • ACTION 2. DEADLINE 31 December To check if your NGI hosts one or more SUSPENDED/CANDIDATE sites that entered this status bbefore 01 June 2011 (*).
    • All NGIs that wish to complete the certification/re-certification procedure for one of those sites, must send a GGUS ticket to COD (GGUS COD Support Unit) by 31 December 2011, and to proceed with the certification/re-certification procedure ( The list of SUSPENDED and CANDIDATE sites is available at
    • Starting in January 2012, all SUSPENDED/CANDIDATE sites that meet condition (*) and for which no tickets was sent to COD, will be closed by COD
  • ACTION 3. DEADLINE 19 December To discuss with ROD team the switching of new metrics to OPERATIONAL (org.nagios.BDII-Check, org.sam.CREMCE-DirectJobSubmit, hr.srce.LB-CertLifetime, hr.srce.MyProxy-Store, org.nagios.GridFTP-Check, org.sam.WMS-JobSubmit). In case of problems, feedback must be returned by the 19th of Dec to the OMB.
  • ACTION 4. DEADLINE 16 December To send comments to the OMB mailing list about the proposed changes in GOCDB for the registration of NGI services, in order to produce NGI Availability/Reliability statistics. Depending on the feedback received, the proposal will be accepted/rejected at the OMB meeting in December
  • ACTION 5. DEADLINE 14 December Participation to the EGI survey on SLURM support for CREAM

Previous OMB agendas