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= Integration =
= Integration =
Documentation is available at https://egi-federated-cloud-integration.readthedocs.io/
Documentation is available at https://docs.egi.eu/
= Registration of services in GOCDB =
= Registration of services in GOCDB =

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Title Cloud Resource Centre Installation Manual
Document link https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/MAN10
Last modified 19 May 2017
Policy Group Acronym OMB
Policy Group Name Operations Management Board
Contact Group operations-support@mailman.egi.eu
Document Status DRAFT
Approved Date
Procedure Statement This manual provides information on how to set up a Resource Centre providing cloud resources in the EGI infrastructure.
Owner Owner of procedure

The installation manual is now available at https://docs.egi.eu/. Information below just points to the relevant sections of that manual

Common prerequirements and documentation

Requirements are described at the integration manual


Documentation is available at https://docs.egi.eu/

Registration of services in GOCDB

Site cloud services must be registered in EGI Configuration Management Database (GOCDB). If you are creating a new site for your cloud services, check the PROC09 Resource Centre Registration and Certification procedure. Services can also coexist within an existing (grid) site.

The integration documentation details how to register your services into GOCDB

Installation Validation

Check validation documentation for details.