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HOWTO06 How to publish the system architecture

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How to publish the system architecture (Draft)


The GLUE attribute GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType in the SubCluster object will be used to define the system architecture. The value will be obtained from uname -m.

   GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType: `uname -m`

This should be taken from the operating system installed on your batch workers. So regardless of if your machine is for instance 64bit capable you may have a 32 bit os installed and so uname -m might return i686. In this case i686 should be published. It is obviously the value that is returned on one of your batch workers and not on your CE node.

Valid Strings

If GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType is defined then it must be one of the following strings.

Example Processor Bits for OS GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType
Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron 64 x86_64
Intel Pentium 4, Xeon, AMD Athlon, Opteron 32 i686
Intel i386 32 i386
Intel Itanium 64 ia64
Power PC 32/64 powerpc

If you have an architecture not specified above you would like added to the acceptable list for gstat please open a GGUS ticket .

Up until now GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType is currently not generally advertised, it is assumed that if you are not publishing this value then your site is i3/686. However it is always advisable to explicitly publish this value. gstat will not throw an error currently if this value is not published. If your site is not i3/686 then it is a requirement that you publish your host architecture with or with out yaim as below.

Match Making Example

Matching Intel i[3456]86

This also matches to sites where this value is not defined. Until the yaim above is widely deployed this is all can be done. Any non-i686 sites not publishing must contacted and requested.

Requirements =   other.GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType is UNDEFINED || 
                 RegExp("i[3456]86",other.GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType) ;

Matching 64 bit Xeon, Opeteron

Requirements = (other.GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType == "x86_64") ;

Matching 64bit Itanium

Requirements = (other.GlueHostArchitecturePlatformType == "ia64") ;

though today there are none so pretty useless :-)