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GLUE2 defines an OGF standard for describing data similar in scope to the GOCDB data (Sites, Admin Domains, Services, Service Endpoints, Downtimes etc). A proposal exists for GOCDB to generate valid GLUE2 XML documents and expose these via the PI.

Useful links:

Data Models and Downtimes

As per https://ggus.eu/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=93966 and GOCDB/Release4/Development/MultipleGRIS there appears to be a requirement to define downtimes selectively against different member endpoints of the same service (like GLUE2). This would require the following changes to the GOCDB data model to become more GLUE2 centric:

  • Allow a single Service to define many Endpoints

If this would address the requirements, then this will require some changes to the XML output of the ‘get_service_endpoint’ and ‘get_downtime’ PI methods with repercussions on other systems. Therefore, any proposed change would have to be widely agreed/tested.

Glue2 compatible gocdb data model

GOCDB to GLUE2 Mapping