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The GOCDB service is currently provided through two portals: a read only instance at and a read/write instance at We would like to consolidate these and provide the service (including PI) through one read/write portal at


Two portals were provided to support the deployment of multiple "regional" read/write portals containing different data. These "regional" portals would publish their data to the "central" read-only portal. A central read/write portal was provided for NGIs who didn't want to host their own regional GOCDB instance. However as a regional synchronised GOCDB doesn't yet exist this separation confuses users.

If a regional synchronising GOCDB is developed in future we can revert back to the old model.


  1. Bring up the planned changes at JRA-1 (Done 24.05.12)
  2. Create an RT ticket from the proposal and send it round OTAG, JRA-1 and SA-1. (Done 31.05.12
  3. Agreed date is 31st July (Done)
  4. Widely disseminate the change beforehand, giving at least one month's notice.
    1. No more
  5. Switch ops-monitor's Nagios to check instead of
  6. Make the change

Technical Plan


Switch off and switch to read/write mode.


Preparing for the Switch

  • Move the db dump from gocdb4 to
  • Prepare a GOCDB update with the following features:
    • Remove the "Portal Instance" user interface element
    • Modify the landing page to refer to only one "GOCDB" (http landing page, no auth needed)
  • Move the GOCDB monitor to (/testportal/GOCDB_monitor/ops_monitor_check.php)
  • Point ops-monitor's Nagios check "ops_monitor_check.php" at rather than
  • Point SCT's internal Nagios at rather than

On the Day of the Switch

  • Deploy the GOCDB update specified above
  • Switch to read/write mode
  • Disable ops-monitor Nagios checks entirely for
  • Disable SCT's internal Nagios entirely for
  • Power down, save logs
  • Remove from DNS

(Note: SCT is the group that hosts GOCDB within STFC).


Extra Load

In this plan, the load on the read/write portal and the read-only portal would be placed on the same machine. This could potentially affect the service.

The graphs below show one week's worth of CPU load for both machines. As this load is so low we believe this won't be an issue.

A week's worth of CPU usage on GOCDB's Read Only Instance
A week's worth of CPU usage on GOCDB's Read/Write Instance

Note: the regular orange bars show a high amount of wait on IO. This is caused by our daily backup procedure.