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Method: get_user

Description Returns a user or a list of users with associated details and roles
Protection Level Protected (level 2)

Entry point



parameter effect format/value(s) default example
dn Limit results to user with given certificate DN DN in standard string chain format all ?method=get_user&dn=/C=ZZ/O=certif/OU=users/OU=ngi.org/CN=Foo Bar
dnlike Limit results to user with certificate that matches given wildcard Search string (SQL syntax) all ?method=get_user&dnlike=%/OU=ngi.org%
forename Limit results to user(s) with given forename any string all ?method=get_user&forename=Robert
surname Limit results to user(s) with given surename any string all ?method=get_user&surname=Smith
roletype Limit results to user(s) with the specified role type(s) single or comma separated list of role types (multiple roles are OR'd together) all ?method=get_user&roletype=EGI CSIRT Officer,Chief Operations Officer

Output Example


 <EGEE_USER ID="1484G0" PRIMARY_KEY="1484G0">
   <TEL>+44 1925 603762</TEL>
   <CERTDN>/C=UK/O=eScience/OU=CLRC/L=DL/CN=david meredith</CERTDN>
     <USER_ROLE>Service Group Administrator</USER_ROLE>
     <USER_ROLE>Service Group Administrator</USER_ROLE>
     <USER_ROLE>Site Operations Manager</USER_ROLE>

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