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| [ See Extensions Mechanism]
| [ See Extensions Mechanism]
| none
| none
| &nbsp;?method=get_site&amp;extensions=(KeyName=KeyValue)
| &nbsp;?method=get_site_list&amp;extensions=(KeyName=KeyValue)

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Method: get_site_list

Description Returns a list of sites with minimal associated information
Protection Level Public (level 1)

Entry point


parameter effect format/value(s) default example
sitename Only return infos for site with specified site name any sitename all ?method=get_site_list&sitename=RAL-LCG2
roc (ngi) Limit results to sites belonging to given NGI any NGI name all ?method=get_site_list&roc=NGI_DE
country Limit results to sites belonging to given country any country all ?method=get_site_list&country=Poland
certification_status Limit results to sites with given certification status one of "Candidate", "Uncertified", "Certified", "Closed", Suspended" all ?method=get_site_list&certification_status=Certified
exclude_certification_status Exclude from results sites with given certification status one of "Candidate", "Uncertified", "Certified", "Closed", Suspended" none ?method=get_site_list&exclude_certification_status=Closed
production_status Limit results to sites within given production infrastructure one of "Production" or "Test" "PPS" "SC"(deprecated) all  ?method=get_site_list&production_status=Production
scope Show only sites with the requested scope-tags (Local and EGI are currently the only available scopes) A comma separated list of scope-tag values or an empty value to return all scopes, i.e. '&scope=' EGI  ?method=get_site&scope=Local
scope_match Match 'all' or 'any' of the specified scope-tags 'all' or 'any' all  ?method=get_site_list&scope=Local,EGI&scope_match=any
extensions Limit results by one or many key value pairs. See Extensions Mechanism none  ?method=get_site_list&extensions=(KeyName=KeyValue)

Output Example

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <SITE ID="414" PRIMARY_KEY="320G0" NAME="Australia-ATLAS" COUNTRY="Australia" COUNTRY_CODE="AU" ROC="AsiaPacific" SUBGRID=" " GIIS_URL="ldap://,o=grid"/>
 <SITE ID=" " PRIMARY_KEY="445G0" NAME="giDCUie" COUNTRY="Ireland" COUNTRY_CODE="IE" ROC="UKI" SUBGRID="GridIreland" GIIS_URL="ldap://,o=Grid"/>

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