Federated Cloud Data Management

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Overview For users For resource providers Infrastructure status Site-specific configuration Architecture

Scenarios: Federated AAI Accounting VM Image Management Brokering IntraCloud Networking
Monitoring VM Management Data Management Information Discovery Security

Scenario 2: Managing my own data and my own VM

Leader: Matteo Turilli, Oxford e-Reesarch Centre

Scenario collaborators

Role Institution Name
Leader OeRC Matteo Turilli
Collaborator LAL Michel Jouvin
Collaborator CESGA Iván Díaz
Collaborator GWDG Piotr Kasprzak

WeNMR use cases

  1. Using VMs prepared with Gromacs and some other software to run MD simulations for educational purpose, possibly on multi-core VMs.
  2. Validating biomolecular NMR structures using VirtualCing, a VMware VM equipped with a complex suite of ~25 programs. A presentation of the current deployment at the Dutch National HPC Cloud is available here. The cloud usage framework is based on a pilot job mechanims making use of the ToPoS tool. Therefore, such a framework would naturally allow for execution of VirtualCing tasks across multiple cloud providers. Do notice that the framework is independent on the cloud access interface: it would work also with simple grid jobs, as far as the user-defined (or VO manager defined) VirtualCing VM is available at the grid site e.g. in a SE (or in the VO software area mounted by the WNs) and the grid job is allowed to start the VM. Technical details about its current implementation are available here.