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This is a fresh activity, please understand that solutions for this scenario are not yet available. They are mostly in design or development stage.

The IntraCloud Networking Scenario deals with virtual machine networking within the environment of a single provider (hence the intra prefix). It focuses on achieving two main goals:

  1. Being able to list available networks, pick one and connect virtual machines to it.
  2. Being able to create new [private] networks, even with non-trivial topologies.

The scenario is also looking at other services that could be provided:

  1. Useful appliances (virtual network elements such as NAT/DHCP, FlowMon, …)
  2. Recommendations (tools?) for VM images to make them better prepared for different properties of networks in federated environments
  3. Security groups / profiles to allow owners to restrict the behavior of their VMs in networks.

With a more practical approach, the work can be divided thus:

Network Orchestration for Open Stack-based sites

Open Stack supports essential network orchestration through, e.g., Neutron. However, OCCI compatibility is missing. Contributions to occi-os are expected from the INDIGO project -- those will be atopted by FedCloud

Network Orchestration for Other CMFs, namely OpenNebula with rOCCI

Again building on the plans in INDIGO, a static solution for cloud sites should be available relatively early:

Static Solution

A simple service is envisioned to maintain a pool of private networks created manually by administrators. These will be available to cloud users to interconnect VMs, and returned to the pool once freed. The service will be accessible through a network-specific rOCCI backend.

Network Orchestration in Sites with rOCCI

Existing orchestrators will be considered and a suitable solution (Neutron, Open Daylight, …) will be selected and OCCI-enabled through rOCCI. This will make it possible to create and use networks on-demand in FedCloud sites.

Appliances and Services

Useful appliances and additional services will be identified and provided as possible/necessary. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • VPN for point-to-point interconnection between cloud sites.
  • Selected DHCP/NAT/DMZ/Router/… Linux distribution as appliance for Users' networks
  • A dynamic DNS solution to allow addressing a VN uniformly after IP change.


Role Institution Name
Scenario leader CESNET Zdenek Sustr
Forced Collaborator CESNET Boris Parak


Many of the tools and solutions to bue used in this scenario are in fact expected from the INDIGO-DataCloud project. Therefore this roadmap is dependent on results provided by INDIGO.

The roadmap can be roughly outlined thus:

  • ~ PM15
    • Pilot use of static network pool management with rOCCI
    • Pilot use of network specific features with occi-os
  • ~ PM24
    • Preview (demo?) of network orchestration in FC sites


There is currently no documentation specific to this Scenario.

A subset of what it entails is possible with existing tools. Therefore, you may try consulting: