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EGI Federated Cloud Resource Providers

EGI Federated Cloud resource providers are institutions and companies that contribute to the FedCloud providing access to their cloud infrastructure via the Federation. Resource providers are free to use any Cloud Manafement Framework (OpenNebula, OpenStack, etc...), the only requirement is that the CMF exposes interfaces compliant to the FedCloud standards.

Join as a Resource Provider

Every institution and company is invited to join the EGI Federated Cloud. The members of the EGI Federated Cloud have also the opportunity to join the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force, contributing directly to the creation and implementation of the clouds federation.

If you want to join the EGI Federated Cloud, you can send en email to the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force, specifying the following information (fields with * are mandatory)

  • Name*
  • Institute*
  • Email address*
  • One paragraph long description of your organization
  • Envisaged timeline (is there a deadline to finish the setup? for how long do you wish to contribute to the EGI Federated project?)
  • Estimated number and size of machines that you may provide to EGI
  • Type of Cloud Management Framework you are using
  • Link to webpage, document or other online resource for further information

Current Resource Providers

Affiliation Representative Deputies Status
BSC Daniele Lezzi Roger Rafanell
CESGA (IBERgrid) Ivan Diaz Esteban Freire
CESNET (NGI CZ) Miroslav Ruda Boris Parak
CETA-CIEMAT Abel Paz Alfonso Pardo, Miguel Ángel Díaz
Cyfronet (NGI PL) Tomasz Szepieniec Marcin Radecki, Jan Meizner
FZ Jülich Björn Hagemeier Shahbaz Memon
GRIF (LAL) Michel Jouvin  ?
GRNET Panos Louridas Vangelis Floros, John Giannelos |
GWDG Ramin Yahyapour Philipp Wieder, Florian Feldhaus, Piotr Kasprzak
IFCA Enol Fernandez Pablo Orviz
IGI Giacinto Donvito Paolo Veronesi
IPHC Jérôme Pansanel  ?
CC-IN2P3 (NGI FR) Gilles MATHIEU‎ Mattieu Puel, Alvaro Lopez Garcia
SARA (NGI NL) Jhon Masschelein
Maurice Bouwhuis, Machiel Jansen
KTH Zeeshan Ali Shah Ake Edlund |
SZTAKI Sandor Acs Peter Kotcauer
INFN-Napoli Silvio Pardi Domenico del Prete
IISAS Viet Tran Binh Minh Nguyen|
100 Percent IT Ltd David Blundell Matthew Symonds


More information about the Resource Providers belonging to the FedCloud Testbed are available here.

Cloud Management Frameworks

The federation of IaaS Cloud resources in EGI is built upon the extensive autonomy of Resource Providers in terms of ownership of exposed resources. The different cloud providers may have different Cloud Managemnt Frameworks (ex. OpenNebula, OpenStack, etc...), the federation implies only that the CMF exposes a set of common interfaces (ex. OCCI for VM management, CDMI for Data management, etc...)

More in-depth information about the EGI Federated Cloud architecture and technology is provided here.

Compatible CMFs

The table below provides a list of the most famous CMFs and the status of the support of the EGI Federated Cloud interfaces.

Cloud Mgmt. Fram. Fed. AAI Monitoring[1] Accounting Img. Mgmt. OCCI CDMI
OpenStack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenNebula Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
StratusLab Yes Yes Yes - Yes[2] -
WNoDeS Yes Yes Yes - - -
Synnefo Yes Yes - - Yes -


Guides for deployment of the FedCloud interfaces for the most used Cloud Management Frameworks are reported below:


  1. Monitoring happens passive, i.e. no active integration from the side of Cloud Management Frameworks necessary.
  2. StratusLab’s OCCI support is based on OpenNebula. Since StratusLab will discontinue its integration with OpenNebula (see below), the future of StratusLab OCCI interface is unknown at this point in time.