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The EGI Webinar programme is managed by the EGI.eu Communications Team (press@egi.eu).
The EGI Webinar programme is managed by the EGI.eu User Community Support Team (support@egi.eu).
=Upcoming Webinars=
=Upcoming Webinars=

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Engagement overview Community requirements Community events Training EGI Webinars Documentations

In March 2013 EGI established an "EGI Webinar Programme" whereby web based presentations and workshops are arranged for the benefit of those who wish to expand and enhance their use of EGI's distributed computing and data facilities at large. Each Webinar event delivers an interactive presentation by a guest lecturer who is eminent in a specialist field relevant to the EGI community. Each lecture will include a Q&A session. Recordings of the webinars are shared on the EGI YouTube channel or made available in raw recording on the individual event agendas. --> RECORDINGS

Why should I participate?

  • EGI Webinars provide first hand information about established and/or emerging services that can help you successfully use the grid and cloud infrastructures of the European Grid Infrastructure collaboration.
  • EGI Webinars provide opportunities to interact with user support teams, software developers, site managers, platform developers, platform integrators and representatives of scientific communities and National Grid Infrastructures.
  • EGI Webinars can be run on Webex (with participation limited to 25), or Adobe Connect (unlimited participants).

How can I participate?

Before the Webinar: You normally need to register for a Webinar in advance as the EGI Webex service limits the number of participants to 25. Registration is available through the event specific agenda pages (see them in the table below). The Webinars are hosted in the EGI Webex service and full details of the event programme and participation will be published in EGI's INDICO pages. Please follow the instructions on the particular event agenda page to setup your connection. You will need a Web browser with a Java plug-in to attend the Webex events.

After the Webinar: Webinars will normally be recorded and a copy of the recording will be made accessible after the event for viewing by the whole of the community. A link to the video recording will be included both via this Wiki page and Indico. The recording will be saved in the EGI DocDB (searchable) and uploaded to the EGI YouTube.


The EGI Webinar programme is managed by the EGI.eu User Community Support Team (support@egi.eu).

Upcoming Webinars

There are no scheduled webinars at the moment.

Completed Webinars

Recordings of most completed webinars can be found on the EGI YouTube channel. Others are available in raw format under the below links.

Primary target audience Title Presenter Presentation date Recording on Youtube Agenda URL Project website Link to raw video recording
Users Data management in EGI: Grid & Cloud Vincenzo Spinoso & Enol Fernandez 9 April 2015 https://indico.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=2488 https://indico.egi.eu/indico/materialDisplay.py?materialId=0&confId=2488
Users EGI Cloud Services Diego Scardaci 8 April 2015 https://indico.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=2487 https://indico.egi.eu/indico/materialDisplay.py?materialId=0&confId=2487
Users Authentication Authorization Infrastructure - AAI Peter Solagna (EGI.eu) 7 April 2015 https://indico.egi.eu/indico/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=2486 http://connect.ct.infn.it/p1ixy2ju8zh/
Users RNA-Seq analysis with READemption - Setup and usage in the EGI Federated Cloud Konrad Förstner (University of Würzburg) 27 November 2014 Indico page
Technical programmers Cloud-Init - Fine-tuning your Virtual Machine instance in the cloud Enol Fernandéz (IFCA, EGI.eu) 15 December 2014 Indico page
Project leaders Service management: what standards can do for business – the example of FitSM Owen Appleton, ETL
Thomas Schaaf, LMU
Michael Brenner, LRZ
Sy Holsinger, EGI.eu
29 January 2015 BrightTalk CloudWATCH
Users Onedata - A service to create data federation from fragmented data landscapes Łukasz Dutka (Cyfronet) 23 April 2014 [1]
Technical programmers Porting applications to the EGI Federated Cloud Salvatore Pinto (EGI.eu) 2 April 2014 [2] [3] [4]
Users DIRAC Distributed Computing Services Dr. Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (IN2P3 France) 22 March 2013 [5] Agenda Website [6]
Users Catania Science Gateway Framework Dr. Roberto Barbera and Dr. Diego Scardaci, (INFN, Italy) 15 May 2013 Agenda Website [7]
Chemists EGI Service offerings to the Chemistry, Molecular & Materials Sciences community Dr. Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu, NL) 16 May 2013 [8] Agenda Website [9]
Members of CTA Single Sign On for CTA Brook Schofield (TERENA) 23 May 2013 [10] Agenda Website [11]
Project leaders CVMFS infrastructure for EGI VOs Catalin Condurache (STFC - UK) 5 Sept 2013 [12] Agenda Website [13]
Technical programmers Training on GLUE 2 information validation Maria Pradillo (CERN) 17 Sept 2013 [14] Agenda Website, [15] [16]
Technical programmers VOMS support, MyProxy Tool and Globus Online Tool in GSI-SSHTerm Siew Hoon Leong (Munich, LRZ) 23 Oct 2013 Agenda [17]
Technical programmers High-Throughput Data Analysis (services for data storage and processing) Peter Solagna (EGI.eu) Mon 4 Nov 2013 [18] INDICO Agenda Not Applicable [19] and [20]

Suggested topics

Do you wish suggest a Webinar topic? Do you wish to give an EGI Webinar? Please contact Neasan O'Neill <neasan.oneill@egi.eu>.

Project title Presenter Indicative date (tbc) Project website
VOMS support, MyProxy Tool and Globus Online Tool in GSI-SSHTerm Siew Hoon Leong (Ms.)(Munich, LRZ) March 2014, tbc https://www.lrz.de/services/compute/grid_en/software_en/gsisshterm_en/
EUDAT services (e.g. Safe replication, Data staging, Simple Store, Metadata) 2014 http://www.eudat.eu/
Globus online & Sharing 2014 https://www.globusonline.eu, http://go.egi.eu/globusonlinecookbook
ER-flow workflow interoperability services 2014 http://www.erflow.eu/
EGI Applications DataBase (AppDB) - Use & features Nuno Ferreira 2014 http://appdb.egi.eu
EGI Applications DataBase (AppDB) - as a Software Repository Alexander Nakos 2014 http://appdb.egi.eu
EGI Applications DataBase (AppDB) - as a Virtual Appliance Marketplace Marios Chatziangelou 2014 http://appdb.egi.eu