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  • Service name: collaboration tools (IT Support)

Technical description

The task provides the following services for the EGI collaboration, all the services requiring authentication must interface with SSO:

  • EGI Web site hosting and other web servers related to EGI activities
  • EGI SSO, including shibboleth access for third party services using SSO as ID provider
  • Wiki
  • Mailing list management
  • Document Repository
  • Survey tool
  • Eduroam for
  • Agenda management via Indico
  • Actions and requirements tracking (RT). RT must interface with the UMD software provisioning system. Tight cooperation with the provider of the UMD infrastructure is expected
  • Main DNS for domain
  • Provisioning of a few VM to allow team to test services and workflows (max. 6cores/6GB RAM total)
  • Other collaboration platforms on a need be basis


  • Hosting and daily operations the services
  • Creation of new SSO groups, mailing lists and Wiki namespaces
  • Provisioning of usage statistics upon request
  • Creation of dedicated web spaces for the main EGI events
  • Regular deployment of relevant software patches and new releases in order to keep the services up to date to the newest available version
  • Adapt RT Scrips and dashboards upon request


  • Extension of the SSO to be ID provider for new services, upon request
  • Creation of new queues in RT and new metadata
  • Support of new use cases for the capabilities of the collaboration tools, e.g. by creating a new SSO group with mailing list.


Support is provided through the it-support mailing list and the dedicated ggus support unit.

Service level targets

EGI collaboration services must have 90% availability over the month

If provided the DNS service must have Availability > 99% on a monthly basis.


Bids planning a total effort between 10 and 12 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.