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EGI Core activities:2013-bidding SAM central services

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  • Service name: Service Availability Monitoring (SAM) central services
  • Service category: Operations
  • Service type: Coordination, operation and maintenance

The Service is part of the EGI Core Infrastructure Platform which supports the daily operations of EGI.


Central systems are needed for accessing and archiving infrastructure monitoring results of the services provided at many levels (Resource Centres, NGIs and EGI.EU), for the generation of service level reports, and for the central monitoring of operational tools and other central monitoring needs.

Technical description

Service Availability Monitoring (SAM) is a monitoring infrastructure framework supporting EGI/NGI operations. SAM is a critical operational tool that supports remote monitoring of services, visualization of the service status, dashboard interfacing, notification system and generation of availability and reliability reports. The central instances of SAM are needed to ensure the aggregation of all EGI metric results and the access to the data at a EGI-wide scope through the central MyEGI user interface. These results are exposed through the SAM central MyEGI web service and its programmatic interface (XML & JSON supported). On top of that, the SAM Reporting System generates monthly availability reports about sites and operational tools for use of the EGI management.

This service includes the following components.


This activity is responsible for the coordination of the system operation and upgrade activities with those partners that are in charge of operating other systems that depend on it.


3rd level support is provided through the EGI helpdesk

  • to SAM users and operators about SAM functionality , SAM installation, upgrade and configuration issues, MyEGI views and support to other SAM components, re-computations of monitoring results and of availability/reliability reports.
  • to the operators of other depending systems.

SAM 2nd level support is part of activity 2nd level support (core platform).

Support hours: eight hours a day (for example 9-17 CE(S)T), Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays of the hosting organization.


  • Daily running of the system
  • Provisioning of a high availability configuration
  • A test infrastructure to verify interoperability and the impact of software upgrades on depending systems


This activity includes:

  • core refactoring, bug fixing, proactive maintenance, improvement of the system
  • maintenance of probes to test the functionality of the service
  • integration (configuration and packaging) of new probes into SAM
  • coordination of software maintenance activities with other technology providers that provide software for the EGI Core Infrastructure or remote systems deployed by integrated and peer infrastructures that interoperate with the central EGI components of the system.
  • maintenance of probes to test the functionality of the service
  • requirements gathering
  • documentation

Service level targets