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UPDATE1: Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite [EGI-ADV-20100628]

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Title: Moderate Impact Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite
Date:  June 28th 2010


A vulnerability caused by bad file permissions has been identified in
products belonging to the Intel compiler suite. The vulnerability can be
used by local attackers to compromise other users' accounts.

This advisory is based on publically available information and
investigations performed by the EGI Security Vulnerability Group
and the EGI CSIRT.


During the installation of the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL - several files are installed
world-writable, including configuration files that are intended to be
sourced by all users of the MKL libraries. This makes it trivial for a
local attacker to compromise the accounts of other users.

It appears that these issues were quietly corrected in December 2009.
However, MKL components are included in several different products in
the Intel compiler suite, which makes it hard to say exactly which
versions are affected. At the time of writing, no advisory about the
issue is available from Intel.

Recommended Actions

This vulnerability can easily be corrected by searching for
world-writable files in the Intel installation directory tree, e.g. with

 find /opt/intel/ -type f -perm -o=w -ls

and fixing the permissions with

 find /opt/intel/ -type f -perm -o=w -print0 | xargs -0 chmod go-w

(please replace "/opt/intel" with any site-specific installation directory).

UPDATE1: Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite [EGI-ADV-20100628]