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12 - draft
Magda Szopa



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Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
1.03.2013 Amsterdam EGI.EU Council Meeting 1
8-12.04.2013 Manchester, UK EGI Community Forum 14
24-25.04.2013 Linkoping, Sweden EGI-CSIRT Face2Face Meeting 1 regular technical meeting of EGI-CSIRT group


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2.1. Progress Summary

  1. Nagios
    1. Update monitoring system to version SAM19 in January 2013
  2. Unicore
    1. Preparation of Unicore Nagios probes for EMI-3
  3. Availability/Reliability metrics
    1. Availability November/December/January 96%/91%/ ???%
    2. Reliability November/December/January   97%/98%/ ???%
    3. Top BDII: all instances above target
  4. NGI_PL security team
    1. Regular operational actions within EGI CSIRT IRTF
    2. Taking part in weekly and monthly meetings of EGI CSIRT
    3. 1 representative participated in EGI-CSIRT Face2Face Meeting in Linkoping, 24-25.02.2013
  5. NGI_PL ROD team
    1. RPI November/December/January  1/1/5
  6. Changes on sites
    1. new services
      1. WUT
        1. 6 machines with Xeon E5 - 8 cores, new disk array.
    2. Upgrades
      1.  PSNC
        1. Update of 2 CREAMCE to EMI-2  
      2. WUT
        1. Upgrade of all services to UMD-2
      3. CYFRONET-LCG2
        1. Migration to EMI due to the end of gLite support (contiuation)
      4. ICM
        1. Updates of Unicore and QCG services
  7. task forces
    1. Federated Cloud Task Force
      1. Participation in weakly teleconferences discussing extending of the current providers' cloud platforms for integration with the EGI Operational Services and to allow implementation of use-cases proposed by the early adopters of the cloud services.
      2. Monitoring and upgrading Cloud Stack and underlying Operating System used for the Federated Cloud Testbed provided by the CYFRONET.
      3. Deploying most current version of additional software required to allow integration between the FedCloud TF providers, with the Operational Services as well as to provide (federalized) services to the end users - such as OCCI server, accounting scripts, information system.
    2. Resource Allocation Task Force

2.2. Main Achievements

NGI_PL submitted two proposals for PMB mini-projects call, both related to operations in the area of Resource Allocation (coordinated by Cyfronet) and Service Availability calculation. SAM/nagios system has been reconfigured for new regional service types which has been introduced in GOCDB. All sites are in-line with requirements for software retirement calendar as well as all sites are publishing user DNs.

NGI_PL has proposed one of two schemes for Resource Allocation in EGI within Resource Allocation Task Force. We also declared some resources for Resource Allocation Testbed where RA procedures will be tested.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description