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Assessment of progress in 2012

Completed Activities and Milestones

Milestones not accomplished

Plans for 2013

Cross Security Teams Activities

  • MS235 Security Activity within EGI Month 34 Report detailing the non-operational security activity within EGI including SCG, SVG, EUGridPMA and IGTF.
  • EGI Security Threat risk assessment - Report on what is being done concerning threats of highest risk value and highest impact value.
  • Also we should look at Clouds and implications for the various security groups, what needs to be done. Since in the 6th highest risk threat was clouds - and so many seem to assume all the security problems go away and they can ignore us all.
  • Also, obviously virtual environments (Cloud as the buzzword) is getting more and more important. Not sure what this means for our monitoring. At the end we might have to follow the natural route:
  • have a policy for Cloud/VMs/etc
  • depending on this develop monitoring needed to enforce these policies.

EGI CSIRT Activities

  • we still have to submit the DNs of the IRTF members, this is about to change currently, but might be addressed in Q1

CSIRT meetings

RTIR ticketing system

Incident Response

Daily security operations

Security drills

  • The natural agenda would be to run SSC7 in Q2-3, evaluation/debriefing in Q3
  • In addition we should try to get the NGI runs done, say one or two in Q1, more in the following Q n
  • Here we rely on RT-IR, I hope that Carlos/John can free up some time to migrate this part.
  • SSC6 evaluation is depending on that, we need the RT-IR tickets from SSC6 for the report. This is currently not really accessible.

Security monitoring tools

  • supporting MW-Upgrade campaigns

Security Dashboard


Site wide security monitoring

Nagios security monitoring

Security Training&Dissemination

  • We have the TF-CSIRT / FIRST in January in Lisbon (Q1)
  • I could think of running it again at GKS and TF (Q2/3)
  • Additional Trainings might be possible at other Grid-events.
  • Wiki renovation

Security procedures

  • EGI CSIRT operational procedure for compromised certificates. (1st quarter)

Other Activities

EGI SVG Activities

SVG meetings

  • Regular monthly SVG meetings
  • SVG session at Technical Forum

Revise and improve Vulnerability Issue handing procedure

  • Revise EGI Software Vulnerability Handling procedure for Post EMI/IGE. (Also submitted an abstract to present this at the CF.)
  • Poster at CF on how to report a vulnerability or incident (and explain the difference) to be generally useful as well as for the CF. (CSIRT/SVG)
  • Further revise Vulnerability issue handling - after a few months using it.

Continue Vulnerability issue handling

  • Regular ongoing work

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Completion of WMS vulnerability Assessment (asked Elisa to confirm)
  • Start of CREAM vulnerability Assessment (asked Elisa to confirm)
  • Report on Status of Vulnerability assessment after the end of EMI - and whether anything further can be done.

Coordination EUGridPMA