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2.1. User Support achievements

During PQ12 NGI_IT user support activities for new communities focused on the following main areas:

- testing in production with real use cases the IGI Portal high level web interface in particular for what concerns the data

management section

- the support to a a new Life Science user community, the BioComputing group of the Bologna University to create their Grid based computing model to run protein alignment applications (based on BLAST). With them we are running a production which requires about 750000 CPU hours and several TB of storage space. Italian national VOs and the BIOMED VO are being used to obtain the needed resources.

- the inprovement of the high level interface created on the IGI Portal for the ANSYS(R) application. A license usage limiter has been added.

- the definition of requirements to create high level interface on the IGI portal for the new communties we supported in the previous quarter: the CNR-ISAC and CNR-ISOF research groups located in Bologna that run GLOBO and NAMD based workflows (see QR11 for more details)

- the support to the EMSO ESFRI project community. This activity was run during PQ9 and PQ10 (see QR9 and 10 for details) and was then suspended in PQ11. We are resuming the collaboration and a new meeting with the WMSO management is planned for the 16th of May in Catania. A chapter about EMSO was prepared in collaboration with the community for the "Scientific Use Case" pubblication that EGI is preparing.

- a new user community has been contacted, the CNR-IMATI (the Nation Reaseach Council Institute for Apllied Mathematics and Information Technology, Genova Department) interested in running hydrological application on the Grid infrasructure using virtual machines (including Windows machines). A meeting is planned on the 8th of May to define the community requirements

- the organisation of a Grid school on application porting. It will be focused on computational chemistry applications and will start from rela life use cases of our user communities. The school is planned for September.

- attendance and contributions preparation of the following international conferences: PDP13, ISGC13, EGI-CF13, ICCSA13.

2.2. Plans

2.3. Issues and mitigation

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