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2.1. User Support achievements

During PQ11 NGI_IT user support activities for new communities focused on the following main areas:

- testing in production with real use cases the IGI Portal high level web interface in particular for what concerns the data management section

- the continuation of the activity started in the previous quarters to improve the HPC support within the IGI infrastructure. This activity is in collaboration with various Italian sites and user communities. The outcome of this activity will be presented at the PDP2013 conference (

- as planned in the previous quarter the support to a new Earth Science user community (the Institute for Atmospheric Science and Climate of the National Reasearch Council - Bologna department) continued to port a in the Grid environment a self developed climatological model called GLOBO. Two small productions has been carried out, and a bigger one (150000 CPU hours) as started. we are investigating the possibility to create a high level web interface within the IGI portal for this application

- the support to various COMPCHEM communities and applications, in particular:

  • to improve the porting of CRYSTAL( started in the previous PQs and
  • the support to run productions of long dynamical parallel simulations of huge molecules needed by the CNR-ISOF institute (Bologna division)

- the submission of the proposal for the creation of a Virtual Team to support the creation of the Computation Chemistry and Material Science VRC. The VT has been accepted and started.

- the support to a a new Life Science user community, the BioComputing group of the Bologna University to create their Grid based computing model to run protein alignment applications. We are verifying the feasiblity to a production which requires about 750000 CPU hours using Italian national VOs and the BIOMED VO.

- the porting to grid of an application for the GAIA telescope mission in collaboration with the Italian Institute for Astrophysics

- the participation to various EGI VTs

- the submission of a proposal for an EGI mini-project about interoperability between HPC and HTC

- a tutorial was held in December to disseminate the high level interface created for the ANSYS suite for INFN communities

2.2. Plans

2.3. Issues and mitigation

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