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Welcome to the page of the EGI-DRIHM collaboration

EGI DRIHAM collaboration menu: Home Members Infrastructure Roadmap


  • Coordinator: Gergely Sipos, Technical Outreach Manager, (
  • Start Date: 17. May 2013
  • End Date: First phase to end by the 2nd DRIHM EC review (end of October)
  • Mailinglist: egi-drihm @
  • Meetings: Indico page (slides and minutes from meetings)
  • Status of ongoing work is described atDRIHM ICT Status page

DRIHM project

  • DRIHM aims for facilitating the access to hydrometeorological data and models, the collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists, and Earth science experts for accelerated scientific advances in hydrometeorological research (HMR).
  • Leader: Antonio Parodi (antonio.parodi @


  • The collaboration setup a new production VO on EGI:
  • In the first phase of the collaboration only gLite CREAM sites of the VO will be used in the first phase. Jobs will be submitted through the WMS.
  • In a later phase the GRAM5 sites of the VO can be also used through WMS. This requires the debugging of access to GRAM5 sites through the WMS (currently job submission through the WMS works to the Nikhef site, but not to the LRZ cluster). Daniele can work on this with the GRAM5 site admins and with WMS developers.
  • In a later phase the LRZ supercomputer site from PRACE SuperMuc) can be used to run the WRF model. This requires the installation of GRAM5 onto SuperMuc, and the acceptance of a community account/robot certificate on the site. (To avoid that individual users will have to have certificates and allocations on the site). Matteo to work on this and report back to the email list.
  • If the SuperMuc site becomes available for WRF, then the tools produced by the EGI-EUDAT-PRACE Pilots can be used in the workflows to transfer data between PRACE and EGI sites. (More info about the pilots:
  • Read more about the resources that participate in the DRIHM VO in the Testbed section: EGI-DRIHM:Testbed