DCH-RP:PoC 2 Evaluate EUDAT services

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WP5: Proofs of Concept Scenarios PoC Phase 1 PoC Phase 2 DCH Glossary
Proofs of Concept 2 Experiment 1:
Evaluate SCAPE tools
Experiment 2:
Evaluate SCIDIP-ES services
Experiment 3:
Evaluate EUDAT services
Experiment 4:
Re-run Scenarios 1.1 & 1.4
Experiment 5:
(Long term) Data Preservation platform

The EUDAT project provides two services that may be of interest to the DCH community:

  • B2STORE, a Dropbox-like service for scientists
  • B2SAFE, a data replication service for scientific data

The EUDAT services make use of the iRODS technology, which is deployed widely in the northern European countries.

This experiment will look at the suitability of the EUDAT services for DCH.