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This table lists all upcoming events of interest to the EGI community. This includes:

  • events organised by peer e-infrastructures
  • events organised by research infrastructures / ESFRIs / research communities
  • events organised by sister projects
  • events organised by policy organisations (including EC)
  • scientific events organised for specific research communities

Recommendations when adding items:

  • Please add the event in chronological order
  • To add links: type the link between square brackets ([])


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Notes, comments
Scientific 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology / 14th European Conference on Computational Biology 2015.07.10-14. Dublin, Ireland [1] Champion participation confirmed
Scientific 2015 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation 2015.07.20-24. Amsterdam, Netherlands [2] EGI has Tutorial, booth
Scientific BioSHaRE workshop on latest tools and services on data sharing in biobanking 2015.07.28. Milan, Italy [3]
e-Science IEEE eScience 2015 2015.08.01-09.02. Munich, Germany [4]
Scientific 1st ERROR Workshop: E-science ReseaRch leading tO negative Results 2015.09.03. Munich, Germany [5]
NGI National e-infrastructure for science and its role within the research infrastructure roadmap (Romania) 2015.09.10-11. Romania TBA Cancelled
RI / ESFRI / RC EISCAT Symposium 2015.09.14-18. South Africa [6] Some of the CC members will attend
Projects Wise Information Security for collaborating E-infrastructures 2015.10.20-22. Barcelona, Spain [7] Will be attended by EGI-Engage Security representatives and Peter Solagna from
Policy Plenary Research Data Alliance (RDA) 2015.09.23-25. Paris, France [8] Joint session with Human Brain Project. Yin and Lukasz to attend
e-Science 3rd National eScience Symposium 2015.10.08. Amsterdam, Netherlands [9] Some of the staff members may attend. Not a priority at EU level.
Project Cloud Forward 2015 Conference: From Distributed to Complete Computing 2015.10.08. Pisa, Italy [10] Paper submitted about EGI Cloud activities (by Enol)
Policy ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform 2015.10.20-22. Lisboa, Portugal [11] Tiziana, Afonso and Joao (at least) to attend. We will have a slot in the 'EC Village'
e-Infrastructures 2015 International Conference on Cloud Computing Research and Innovations 2015.10.28-29. Singapore [12] DM CC member attend?
RI / ESFRI / RC BIOBANKS AND BIG DATA: POSSIBILITIES AND CHALLENGES 2015.11.02-06. Lund, SE [13] Petr Holub to give a talk about BBMRI CC. PhenoMeNal WP5 coordinator was also invited.
RI / ESFRI / RC BioMedBridges SYMPOSIUM: Open bridges for life science data 2015.11.17-18. Hinxton, UK [14] Exhibition booth by EGI (registered under SC). Involvement of CCs and other demonstrators is under discussion. To attend from Tiziana, Gergely?
RI / ESFRI / RC Integrating Arab e-infrastructure in a Global Environment, e-AGE 2015.12.7-8. Casablanca, Morocco [15]
Scientific Ecology at the interface 2015.09.21-25 Rome, Italy [n] LifeWatch stand. Any material and support from EGI? (under discussion with Jesus and Fernando)
e-Science HPC-Grid-Computing research day (SUCCES 2015) 2015.11.5-6 Paris, FR [16]
Contact: Genevieve Romier. Any material and support from EGI? Under discussion with Genevieve
RI / ESFRIs ENVRI+ Week (Workshop for ENVRI+ project members) 2015.11.16-19 Prague, CZ N.A. (only internal site) EGI to organise a training on the 18th, between 16:15-18:00. Scope and trainers still to be defined. Contact:


Type of Event NAME Dates Location Link Comments, next steps
Scientific EGU 2016 2016.04.17-22. Vienna, Austria [17] submissions from the EPOS CC
e-Infrastructures CLOSER 2016 2016.04.23-25. Rome, Italy
e-Infrastructures PRACEdays 2016 2016.05.10-12. Prague, Czech Republic TBA
Scientific DH BENELUX Conference 2016 2016.06.09-10. Belval, Luxembourg Regional event on Digital Humanities activities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
e-Infrastructures TNC 2016 2016.06.13-16. Prague, Czech Republic
Scientific EUROMAR 2016 2016.07.03-07. Aarhus, Demark (INSTRUCT-related)
Scientific Digital Humanities 2016 2016.07.12-16. Kraków, Poland Follow-up in DARIAH CC. Workshop abstract was submitted, but rejected.
Scientific 2nd course on Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data 2016.04 OR 07 Utrecht, NL
Follow-up in MoBrain CC
RI / ESFRIs ICRI-International Conference of Research Infrastructures 2016.10.03-05. Cape Town, SA

  1. view=fit&pagemode=none announcement
This seems relevant, however outside of Europe
RI / ESFRIs ELIXIR All-hands 2016.03.7-10. Barcelona, Spain Follow-up in ELIXIR CC. Contribution to EXCELERATE WP4 workshop
RI & E-infra Digital Infrastructures for Research (DI4R 2016) 2016.09.28-30 Krakow, PL Abstract Submission deadline: June 3. Follow-up by all EGI activities
Scientific + ESFRI European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) 2016.09.03-07. Hague, NL Follow-up in the ELIXIR CC. Possibilities: Talk, poster, exhibition booth
Scientific EURALEX Congresses for lexicographers 2016.09.06-10. Tbilisi, Georgia Follow-up in the DARIAH CC: Possible training workshop and paper in the proceedings. 
Webinar The EGI Open Data Platform - Towards Scientific Data Hubs 2016.05.17 Online In collaboration with EGI-Engage JRA2.1
Webinar WS-PGRADE gateway environment for compute intensive workflows on clouds 2016.05.26 (TBC) Online TBD In collaboration with MTA SZTAKI
Webinar DIRAC4EGI system: Cataloguing and computing with data in EGI 2016.06.07  Online TBD In collaboration with Uni. of Barcelona
Webinar Enabling access to EGI services with community-specific user identities: The new EGI IdP/SP Proxy service 2016.06 (TBD) Online TBD In collaboration with EGI-Engage JRA1.1
Scientific / ESFRI ELIXIR Finland: Using clouds and VMs in bioinformatics training 2016.05.23-25 Helsinki, FI EGI-Engage to contribute with a Federated Cloud - CHIPSTER tutorial
Scientific, ESFRI Big data in biology and health 2016.09.25-27 Heidelberg, DE EGI and ELIXIR CC/Compute Platform to give a talk or have a booth?
ESFRI DARIAH-EU annual event 2016.10.10-12 Gent, BE


Follow-up in the DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Humanities Conference 2017 2017.08.08-11 Quebec, CA Follow-up in DARIAH CC. Outside of Europe.
Science/ESFRI EISCAT_3D User Meeting 2016.05.18-19 Uppsala, SE Follow-up in EISCAT_3D CC. Talk and demo about data-compute portal from the CC
Science/ESFRI DARIAH-EU Annual Event - All Hands Meeting 2017.04.26-27 Berlin, DE Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/ESFRI DARIAH events 2017.11.01-04 Aarhus, DK
  • 01 November, (Morning) Scientific Board; (Afternoon) Launch of the Humanities at Scale Innovation Forum and Board; (Evening) Creativity World Forum.
  • 02 November, (Morning) National Coordinators Committee; (Afternoon) General Assembly.
  • 03 November, All day Conference: DARIAH and Public Humanities.
  • 04 November, (Morning) Conference close: Matchmaking Events - upcoming EU Calls and potential industrial partners.
Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Global Digital Humanities Symposium 2017.03.16-17 Michigan, USA Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Preservation for Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DPASSH2017) 2017.06.14-15 Brighton, UK Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science ENel COST meeting and workshop 2017.02.24-25 Budapest, HU
  • Dictionary Portals and Interlinking content
  • Enhancing Search Results using Federated Search
  • Visual approaches to displaying and analysing interlinked content and federated search results
  • Collaborative knowledge environments and embedded lexical content
  • The European Dictionary Portal: Visions for the future
Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Digital Humanities Benelux Conference 2017.07.03-05 Utrecht, NL Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI ELIXIR All hands 2017.03.21-23 Rome, Italy Follow-up in ELIXIR CC
Science/RI DCH2017 - International Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage 2017.08.30-01.09 Berlin, Germany Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI HDH2017 - III International conference on the Hispanic Digital Humanities 2017.10.18-10.20 Malaga, Spain Follow-up in DARIAH CC
Science/RI Workshop "Perspectives of the digital humanities in the European Open Science Cloud" 2017.07.12 Zagreb, Croatia Follow-up in DARIAH CC, demo of DARIAH CC services and hands-on targeting national DARIAH-HR community